Wednesday, May 21, 2014

In DUE time

I heard the Lord say.. IN DUE TIME IF YOU FAINT NOT...

You know the verse.  Galatians 6:9

Yet what is DUE TIME?  I can hold off fainting if I know time is due to come up.

We know a woman pregnant has a "due date".  She knows about when the day will come.  Due time.

We know if we have an account outstanding, there is a due time.. the money should come.

We know that if an apple tree blooms and sets fruit in due time there will be apples.

In the natural we know all these things.  YET in the spiritual there is less manifest evidence of a fullness of time indicator. Kairos.

Yet there is one.  If we faint not... we will see the revelation of the Glory of God.

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Anonymous said...

Yet there IS one..I like that reminder! And I know that God sees it even when WE don't and He is never late!