Tuesday, May 6, 2014


I am going to offend my religious friends. GOD NEEDS YOU... you are all He has here on the earth to accomplish his purposes. He needs you alive and breathing. We sang this in Church at Crusaders Sunday Morning and the Lord said to me, I NEED YOU to live and breathe. I can't live (function in the earth) without you.

Now that'll mess some people up.. if the enemy comes to kill steal and destroy, the source of ALL LIFE needs you to live build and restore... and that means YOU.. Sure God can take stones and make them cry out.. but HE needs LIVING STONES... you.

That's why the enemy hates you so much

From William McDowell:
I need you live
I need you to breath
Can’t Live without you
Can’t live without you

Father is saying that to YOU today... I hope that messes your theology up a bit. Listen

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