Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Regarding communion...again... Thurmond Duke

I have posted before on the importance of communion. A month ago I had not partaken in a while. Papa woke me up one morning and said simply "Communion. Now." So I grabbed my Kindle, pulled up the Book of Common Prayer, and did it right. And with meaning. That morning Papa broke a couple of things that I had been struggling with. Papa likes instant obedience.

There are spells when I do communion daily, and other times when it might just be three times a week. That's just for me; I do not hold myself up as an example. However, I do feel most people are missing out on a most important element of their relationship with Papa if (a) they attend a "sacramental" church," have weekly communion, and they let it descend to a mindless ritual, or (b) they attend a church where communion has been so downgraded it would be better if it were just taken out of the Sunday (once every threee months) repertoire.

I once visited a church where it was advertised they would have communion that Sunday. I went, participated in a normal service, and at the end stood in disbelief as the pastor announced that there were stations at the end of each section, that as one left one could take a wafer and a cuplet of juice and have communion. No, I never went back, and would never return again. Total disrespect. A few weeks ago I was out west, and visited a church there. Again, they had communion by intincture. The pastor invited people forward, we came forward, dipped a piece of bread in the juice, and that was it. No words over it, no explanation, no nothing. Maybe it was acceptable to the Lord; it was not acceptable to me. I was offended.

I am a Protestant for a reason. I choose to be. I may not be a full blown sacramentalist, but I am way more than what I am seeing in the average protestant church with regard to communion...if it as ordinance, then treat it with all the respect and honor and discernment and rememberance that the sacrificed body and blood of our Lord Jesus HaMashiach should command. I think Papa is greatly annoyed by the dismissive way with which communion is treated by many churches these days, and I highly doubt it gives Jesus warm and fuzzy feelings either.

Little flock, talk to Papa about this for yourselves. Ask Him what He would have you to do. I would not be surprised if He urged you to partake several times a week. The average person is missing out on so much when they don't. It is called COMMUNION for a reason, you know.

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