Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Is Overt Evangelism God's Plan?

I look at how we reach the lost (as we put it).  Yet in my reading of the Gospels, Jesus didn't do that.  He responded to the needs and cries of people and that was the conversion factor.

Yet in our culture we engage in OVERT evangelism.  On TV (altar call and all), in crusades with thousands coming ... some even to Christ, in dramatic presentations (like Heavens Gate, Hells Flames), scaring hell out of people to get them to come to some level of conversion.

I have worked many many of these programs, huge response and a month later very little persistent fruit.  This is not the Biblical Mandate for turning the world upside down.

I am becoming aware of our lack of understanding of what true evangelism is. What it takes to reach those looking for an answer... As Peter did... "What must we do to be saved"?  In fact if you consider much of the book of Acts you see very little overt evangelism.  Most of it was organic.  One to one.

What we do see, unlike the model we execute in our modern western (and now sadly Asian and African) churches is a big name speaker, proclaiming "You will go to hell if you don't come to Jesus, you will die in you sin, But Jesus died to save you from your sin and will give you eternal life if you ask him into your heart".  That is all true.  YET.. it's hell avoidance.  Not a great motivation for becoming a disciple.  That is what Jesus told us to do, Make Disciples.  Not sell hell insurance.

The constant drumbeat of sin forgiveness and heaven misses the point.  Yes, it's important.. but Jesus came to give us much more.
  • The Kingdom.  
  • Life Everlasting..starting NOW.  
  • Joy.  
  • Peace.  
  • Hope. 
  • Wholeness.  
  • Abundant Life.  
  • Ability to endure.  
  • Intimacy with HIM.  
  • A Sound Mind.  
  • Love for others.  
  • Unity with fellow travelers. 
  • Victory over failure and sin.  
  • Freedom from guilt.  
  • Life that matters.  
  • Destiny.  
  • Purpose.  
  • Wisdom.  
  • Power over our enemy
  • A mission in life.  
  • Fearlessness even in the face of death.  
  • Confidence in the future.  

It is amazing but most of our evangelism doesn't mention much of this.   Just forgiveness and Heaven.

Yes there is healing.  Yes there is deliverance from Drugs.  Yes marriages are saved. Those are manifestations of the Power of God.  They are important.  Yet... alone they do not draw.

There is a great promise we must hold out as our lives are lived before others.  One that says, sometimes even with words, "God has much more for you if you will just let him".   People are looking for answers.  They go to all the wrong places looking for love and acceptance.  The place that is the ultimate in acceptance and love, the heart of The Father is hidden from them by people who wear his name tag but live far below their spiritual potential.

We don't need many teachers... we need more fathers living in victory and overcoming.

We don't need a crusade as much as we need one person touching another for Jesus without expectation or having to fill out a card.  We need to stop building Jesus Club and start building the one think he taught.. even to the day he stepped thru the veil... THE KINGDOM OF GOD.

There is this truth and it's a hard one.  The Kingdom of God will not be built unless your hands, feet, voice and heart are active in the building.  God could speak a word and it would all be done in one fell swoop.  That's not how he chose to do it.  He chose to use you.  I am going to make a prophetic proclamation, GOD our FATHER NEEDS YOU.  He needs you  to breath, He needs you to Live, He needs you to Move.  You can pray all you want, but you are a key component to every prayer you pray or don't bother praying for revival. It's not a system to reach people, it's a lifestyle.

Listen to this song and see if you can hear when Father expresses this to YOU... He needs YOU:

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