Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Life After Debt is Possible

People have been wondering why as a prophet I am spending time speaking out on debt and discouragement. I have again and again known people who were deep in debt and despair without hope. Some have taken their own lives. Happened recently. Truth would have set them free... but they keep hearing the same things from the church. They offer an insipid instruction that helps not the one at the end of his rope....literally.

Either it is a "Give so you get out of debt" or you need to attend Financial Peace university with Dave Ramsey or take a course from Crown Financial. While all of them are true and good... it doesn't help the man or woman who is contemplating suicide. What they need to know is how to become armed with what is available. They need their hands taught how to do warfare. They need hope NOW.

Once they get free from fear and despair they can then begin the process of coming back. The Church is really bad at dealing with this. I have thought perhaps that a broke member doesn't tithe much so we don't reach out to them. That would be wrong, but I am suspect. Yet as one who has escaped the snare of the Fowler... I know the truth.

Please, go to my wall. I have posted three times in the last 24 hours on this topic. An article from the Wall Street Journal. And a couple other things. People don't come to Jesus because their marriage is great, they have a great job, kids are wonderful and their health is good. They come because like those who were Davids Mighty Men once were the most discouraged and indebted. They became mighty men by David teaching their hands to war. That is what i am doing. If you want to be free... learn warfare. Not financial peace, crown or give to get false promises.

1 Samuel 22:2 that “all those who were in distress or in debt or discontented gathered around David, and he became their leader. About four hundred men were with him.” Some of these loyal followers of David accomplished great things on David's behalf, and they are registered as David's “mighty men” in 2 Samuel 23. You too can be mighty... learn to war against this oppression. There is hope for Victory if you faint not.


Vincenzo said...

Gene, you forgot to mention some of the multilevel marketing schemes that many broke and indebted Christians get pulled into with the promise of endless wealth. Got pulled into it myself once. I don't know about the rest of the country, but in Atlanta, I've seen many church people get caught up with it being told it was part of the big wealth transfer to the righteous.

Anonymous said...

Would you post a link to your wall? I don't know where to find it

Gene said...

Sorry, ANON. I cut and pasted. Let me give you a bit more than this.. You will have to cut and paste the links into your browser

My wall is https://www.facebook.com/gene.redlin

Here are the links you need to read the whole thing. AND Yes, the MLM thing is a trap.



I have several friends who are at the end of their rope financially. Money is not the solution to their lack. I know that sounds harsh, but it's true.

What will help is knowing the truth about money and the people who are trying to ruin your life. I have lost friends who committed suicide because of credit card debt and the terrifying persistence with which collectors called and harassed them. Some declared bankruptcy. Others tried to hide. It's a tough life.

I was blessed years ago by being in debt deeply because of a business failure and no prospects for employment. That experience taught me much about debt, money, collection, debtors and creditor rights, alternatives to bankruptcy, what living judgement proof really means, how to live below the radar and living off the grid. While i didn't have to do that long, I dug my way out, I found out how the system works.

You don't have to declare bankruptcy. You don't ever have to take another collection call for the rest of your life. You can be sued and they will still not collect. I'm not talking about being a deadbeat, I'm talking about not taking pills, shooting yourself in the head or hanging yourself because you feel so hopeless.

Two of my best friends fathers when I was growing up hung themselves over debt. They grew up fatherless because their fathers felt hopeless.

There is not only hope, there is life after debt. Much of this requires a person to learn what money really is. Money is not what you have been told it is. Money is what you have in your hand as skill, ability, hustle, knowledge and relationships. I will write on this more. You don't have to end your life over this. You can live above your circumstance in the provision of God. I have done this. It works. You can too. The debtor is slave to the lender until the debtor wakes up and renounces his slavery. It's hard, but it's worth the battle. There is life after debt.