Thursday, February 28, 2013


The other day I was impressed that a lack of boldness is a major restraint on the Kingdom as God would advance it.

We in the Church and as Christians are too hung up on having every T crossed and every i dotted.  We want to impute our worldly need for risk avoidance and good planning to replace faith.

God always calls on faith.  He honors those who trust Him.  Without faith He says, "It is IMPOSSIBLE to please Him"

Faith means that sometimes we step out and then depend on the Lord to direct our paths.  Abraham did.  Peter did on the ocean.  The priests at the raging Jordon did.  Moses did no knowing for sure.  Read Hebrews 11.  They didn't know.  They just had faith that being ready and firing things would happen according to God's direction.

We don't risk evangelism because of a lack of faith.  We don't declare the word of the Lord because of a lack of faith.  We harbor our resources because of a lack of faith. 

 God is saying STEP OUT, Be ready, pull the trigger, release the arrow and I WILL guide it.

Ready, FIRE and HE will AIM it