Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"Watchman, what of the Night?" By Robert Blackburn

 . . Ever wonder how it feels to tell people things they do not want to hear? We've all had to do that and it's not any fun. People have a habit of stoning those that give messages they don't want to receive. "Being ignored is one of the worse things people go through." Watchmen are no different; especially if they see or know things which are coming and it's apparent people are not prepared for it. I wonder just how many watchmen gave up. They just got tired of always taking the heat and having to stand alone against a house full of rebellious folk and people taking pot shots at them. People want to hear good things, words about prosperity and that all will be well. You hear, 'stay positive. Don't let negative things into your life." That's all well and good but we need to turn some things around. Alerting people to trouble that may be coming against them can be positive. What's negative is for them to be caught totally unaware and unprepared for what they could have known about.

Trouble. We are in trouble. We can lay it on whomever we want to but it doesn't change whatever mess we're in. Blaming is the end game now and it appears we would rather point fingers at everyone else then to inventory our own selves and see our part in it. People who are truly full of the Spirit do not have to be afraid of the trouble that's coming. It was prophesied by Jesus Christ that there would be sorrows in this time and that great upheaval would come. It's just simply going to happen. We can't afford to be lulled to sleep. Being entertained and given positive rubs is not going to prevent what is coming upon this world; and even upon the Church. Jesus himself said, "don't fear. These things must be." In other words, they must come to pass. There are certain people among us who are chosen to alert God's people and to stand in the gap. I do think some things are much more simple than we think. If in the olden days, there was no watchmen on the walls of the city or the fort, everything would have been overrun and all would have been lost. The watchman is always on duty; whether they want to be or not. That's hard. But it's a burden they were called to carry.

So what if no one wants to hear that we're in for a bumpy ride. A real shaking was foretold years ago now. Just because it didn't shake many out of their lethargy or the fact that God has been overly patient and longsuffering does not mean He will not do what the prophesy spoke of. We've gotten some things entirely off base in the way we have church and the way we live for God. The whole of Christ's ministry was about watching; and about not being prepared for what was coming. He told us that when we see all of these signs coming to pass, to look up; NOT be having self-awareness seminars or entertainment sessions that make us feel good but do little to hone our vision at what's going on around us or what's going on in the heavens. Somebody must tell people what they do not want to hear. Common sense tells us that the thing we don't want to hear many times is the very thing we need to hear the most. We will not change otherwise. It's getting darker. Ignoring the dark means we are also ignoring what is in the dark. It's reality that every real watchman of old was called a doom and gloom agitator. There's one real encouragement for a true watchman that has been truly called; I mean one that actually has the ear of the Spirit. It's this: Five (5) out of the ten that went out to wait for the bridegroom were alert. They heard and they remained awake. The message is no longer for those who do not want to hear. It's for those who do.

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