Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Are We Making Superheroes Out of Modern Prophets? R. Loren Sandford

GENE SAYS:  I don't know how I could agree with this any more than I already do.

R. Loren Sanford


prophecyfire/ D. gansmann said...

Thanks so much fr this post....seems the spirit draws me to check on your postings always at rt timing..2 yrs ago I use to go to a small revival center where many unknown prophets stopped by to preach and prophesy...I miss those days....the church folded under when prophet George decided to leave move to other side of town....such a unique place...I haven't found another gathering where spirit flows like that here...this post reminded me of that place..well all the prophets there were unknown so there was no ego idolizing going on just a cool flow of prophetic...a lot of times it was know in part prophesy in part just like the word says...I tried start a prophetic gathering at my duplex also but two evangelist were doing the preaching and often stopped the flow of spirit...and when they saw us all trying to move in the spirit ...they moved the group to another location....so anyway ...its been dry here pray a release of spirit....ty

prophecyfire/ D. gansmann said...

id also like to hear more on his comment (when prophetic becomes more like white witchcraft.)...this concerns me ..