Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Smorgasbord Prophecy

Last night at Crusaders I ministered in the line with the other prophets to people hungry for a word from God. Sometimes you really flow, sometimes not. Last night the Lord opened my mouth and filled it. The flow was strong. About a dozen people came to hear what the Lord had to say to them. I was almost the last one out the door. BUT, there was this one young lady who came. I heard clearly what the Lord had to say to her and an I rehearsed it for her. Evidently it wasn't exactly what she was looking for. She seemed disappointed. I guess the color Cadillac I was supposed to prophesy wasn't right.

 In any case before she left she went to one of the other prophets of the house to get a second opinion. Didn't like the pea and mayo salad she took the first time from the buffet line, so getting a fresh plate tried again. I saw the prophet speaking over her. I know God. I know the Prophets in the house. I don't have to be a prophet to know that she was getting exactly the same word. The color Caddy didn't change. IT might have been more palatable, but the fact is, I see some of the same people coming week after week like a smorgasbord to get something new, hoping that the chicken will be more crisp this time. NOPE.

God doesn't change his mind toward you and if he did, you should question God. I have had some people come to me three times, and after I prophesy to the them, say, you know 4 months ago you prophesied over me and said the same thing. REALLY? God's word is consistent? Who knew. Anyway, that's my prophetic amusement story for the day. IF you get a word, do like Mary did, ponder it in your heart. Don't keep trolling the smorgasbord line for a better word.

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