Friday, February 22, 2013

No Other Dwelling Place by Ronald Coleman

The Father says today that no weapon formed against you shall prosper. The enemy is not equal to Me. I have established a cordon of protection around you and I have no intention of opening you up to destruction. There is no scenario or contingency in which I will in any way allow the enemy access to you for any purpose. I am not a capricious God who toys with My creation like a cruel child. I am a loving Father who superintends the affairs of your life with minute scrutiny in order to bless and protect and provide.

The time and season is upon the earth that necessitates you as My child to rest deeply in the sanctuary of My protection. It is true that you are in a fallen creation. There is an enemy and he would devour you if he could. Always bear in mind that I have given you a certain jurisdiction over your own life and the enemy knows this. If he can manipulate you into giving him access to the precincts of your life then you will be vulnerable. So be diligent says the Father. Be diligent to trust and rely upon Me in all things and to exercise the dominion and authority I have accorded you from the throne.

You are My habitation says the Father. I choose no other dwelling place than the human heart. I will not allow the assaults of the enemy to penetrate your walls. I will defend and protect you. I will make clear to you day by day the assignment of heaven whereby you may do your part to clear the way and walk under an open heaven. Let there be a cooperation in your acts and your words with My Spirit in your life. Say what I say and do what I would do and act with the expectation of My blessing and My provision and you will take the spoil says the Father.

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