Sunday, February 10, 2013

Peace in your Warfare

You can't have peace, you find peace.  You can't live in peace, you can only live in the peace of HIM who manifests Himself in your life as peace.  He is your peace.  He alone brings the only peace you can ever truly have or know.

When WE believe that WE must have peace around us to have any peace at all we have bought a lie.

There will always be a Lack of Peace.  Strife. Tribulation. Turmoil.  Sickness.  Poverty.  Death.  Anger.  Violence.  Greed.  Fear.  War.   Injustice.  Divorce.  Bankruptcy. 

None of them are peace as a circumstance.  They are all UN-peaceful.   Yet, in all this, in all these, there are those who have found a peace, more important THE peace of God that passes all earthly or human understanding.  When the world all around is falling apart and is roaring the one who has found the Prince of Peace, your peace will rule and reign in your heart in a way you cannot comprehend.

The Lord told me today that the Saints of God must find peace to to live in and at peace.  Peace is not a condition, Peace is a Man, Christ Jesus.  Know him Know peace., No HIM, No Peace.

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