Thursday, February 14, 2013

Clarity on the Gay Marriage Issue before the Illinois Legislature

To Chicagoland Senior Leaders who want to stop the insanity:

The legislators in Springfield are complying with the people that they believe voted them into power. The ballot box issue is the real problem. As long as CHURCH MEMBERS vote for politicians who will not take a vocal stand against such things we will lose these battles. If every christian in Chicago ALONE would simply stop voting pocketbook and start voting morality, this would stop. Take a stand. Admonish your congregation to vote for the moral side. IF just city of Chicago were out of the State of ILLINOIS NONE of the politicians who are about to vote for this would be in office. Change the CITY and we change the state.

Look at who will vote AGAINST this abomination. Then ask yourself this, how do we replicate these votes next time we have a choice. YOU ARE in a political battle. One that is causing us to lose the moral battles. You think this is all about Republican or Democrat. NO, at the last presidential election showed clearly, it was about those with a centered moral compass who voted in line with it or those who did not. Now we mourn.

When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn. Proverbs 29:2.

It's time to take out those who VOTE these things in. That means taking a stand in front of your congregation. Some have to courage to do so in this city. Not enough. We have too many taking the wrong stand. Misleaders leading us to what we have now. I was grieved by the complete lack of discernment in the community during the last election. The blindness about what was being released was astounding. Now the fruit of that election and those prior is being seen in Springfield. Fight the battle where it can matter. Here! IF the city doesn't get right the state is lost.

The problem as a Prophet is standing. IF you are going to have influence you must have standing to be heard. The place to be heard is in front of those with ears to hear. Do you believe those in Springfield have such ears? Why did the church in Chicago last election stay mute when morality was in the balance during the last election? IS there total unity in the group going to Springfield regarding the decisions and votes made last November? Are there people now who are trying to stop something they voted FOR in November? IF we don't get it right at home, we won't get it right by protests and petitions.

This Prophet still proclaims the truth about a fallen church and church leaders in our area who are too soft on hard issues. It means standing for what will changing the guard that votes for such things. That is a Political battle. I am criticized often for being a too political as a prophet. I am a Daniel speaking out against a system that propagates this insanity. IF we don't begin to speak clearly on these issues we will continue to have congregations that sing dance raise their hands and speak in tongues but sheepishly vote for immorality at every level. That's what we have in Chicago RIGHT NOW. That's what happened in 2012. Unless this culture changes, we can protest all we want and evil will still win.

Senior Leaders - Take a Stand or watch our culture in Illinois drift into oblivion

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