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Victoria Boyson: God's American Dream

Victoria BoysonBut where sin abounded, grace abounded much more... Romans 5:20

All over the world people have heard the phrase, "The American Dream." They may even desire to come to America to experience the wealth and success of what they believe is the American dream.

Our reality TV shows broadcast around the world to many who have nothing in comparison to the seemingly rich lives of Americans of all races and ethnic backgrounds. We proclaim to the world, "This is who we are," making them hungry to reach the level of material success they see on their TV screens.

However, the definition of the American dream has changed over the years. Today it means the opportunity for success, but in 1774 when the phrase was first used, it had a far different, deeper meaning.

The original meaning of the phrase encompassed a dream of freedom. To those who held to it, it became a powerful expression of their heart's cry. To them, it was not speaking of mere human riches or of just having their needs met, it meant much more – it was the ability to be free in their spirit.

Indeed, to them, it meant they could have the opportunity to pursue God and be led by Him – to build a land that would know Him and experience the success of life in Him.

God's Dream

God has a similar dream for America – that we would truly know Him and reflect His light, the light of His Son, our Messiah, to the world. God's dream for us is realized as we are immersed in His Son. His dream has yet to be fully realized.


To a degree, the world is coming to the light of Christ through the people of this nation – even now we are transforming the world for His glory, but it is nothing compared to what the future holds for us. We are scraping the bottom of the barrel compared to the banquet table He's set before us.

Yes, we have led the world in great revivals, and there is no doubt the impact America has had on the world, but there is so much more to come – God has dreamt of so much more for us. The greatest of what we are experiencing currently is only the least of what is to come for us.

America was born to literally change the world – you are meant to change the world! You are a world-changer as you reflect the image of God's Son!

It may not look to you right now as if you could ever be anything more than what you are or that God's dream will ever be realized in America, but let me tell you He is smiling ear to ear, not because of what He sees in the natural, no. He is smiling because He sees the future of this nation – His American Dream. He is smiling because He never gives up! His dream will be realized – through you.

Spiritual Shaking = God's Dream

God is about to shake this nation, not with earthquakes in the natural; they may happen, but that is definitely not what He's happy about; He is excited because He is anticipating the shaking of the earth in the spirit realm.

I saw in the Spirit a literal shaking of the foundations of the spirit realms over this nation – a rocking of the very foundations of the heart of our nation. As we are shaken, the oppressive darkness covering much of our nation will rip open and the light of Heaven will burst forth and invade the world, striking at the darkness enveloping the earth, leading, indeed, to world-wide revival.

I saw the West Coast of America tremble under a massive wave of God's glory touching the earth. I saw it hit in the spirit realm like an atomic bomb. It was glorious!

It quickly and forcefully reverberated and tore through every region of our nation – no area was left untouched. At the same time, I saw massive spiritual fires that roared through the prairies scorching everything in their path. With an unrelenting force, it toppled the walls of respectability bringing low the oppressively dark powers of the region.

That is God's American dream for you, and it will transform the world!

Let Go of the Form

If you long for this – recognize your need. For too long, we, as His Church, have embraced a "form of godliness" and have become satisfied in that while we deny the hunger in our hearts for His power (see 2 Timothy 3:5). We've embraced the form and missed the substance of God. Church, you've been robbed!

In Genesis 1, our God transformed a world that was formless. In order to embrace the substance – His power – we have to be willing to let go of the form we cling to.

If we continue to hold to the form of godliness we've embraced, we will rob ourselves of even seeing the need we have. In having the form, we are tricked into believing we have the substance of God. Yet, when face-to-face with the glory of God, we can see how ridiculous our forms and rituals are. And then, without hesitation, we will kneel before Him in gratitude and thanksgiving as the pride hidden in our hearts melts away in sight of His absolute beauty and holiness.

Indeed, as we see God, we cast aside the things of this world we once craved as they lose their attraction to us at the sight of Him. Free from the burden of the endless struggle for our own "American dream," we run to Him like a child. Embracing Him alone, we will realize He is our true American dream – love for Him swallows up all other desires.

As we embrace Him, He gives us something we've never had before and cannot even conceive of at present. In comparison to what we will be then, we are, at present, terribly poor and absolutely needy. We need Him desperately – how truly wonderful!

Breathtaking Bride

Imagine with me: you are in an American church. It is very large, fairly rich – successful by human standards. Yet, if we allow the Lord to transform our idea of the American dream into His, we would find it (God's dream) has little to do with marble columns, sound systems, instruments, or carpet. But, as God enters what is His house – as He is invited, wanted, hungered for – all becomes silent in His presence and all else is diminished in importance compared to Him.

As our Father invades and His presence comes in, the importance placed on unimportant things dims, and the Church, which He's dreamt of, takes shape. In His eyes, we are the glorious temple He longs for – we are the dream He dreams. As our vision changes from concern for the realization of our own dreams to putting His dream for His temple before ours, we shine for Him. We radiate His simple light that shines like no other light has ever shined in the world.

We are His holy temple, the temple He longs to dwell in. When He does dwell in us, we will be transformed into His dream for the earth. As the realms of Heaven invade the earth, you will be filled with the glory of Heaven – transformed from an earthly being into a heavenly light that shines until it invades every earthly, dark place. Aggressive in its advancement against the realms of satan's domain, it breaks the chains of darkness on the minds of men with God's simple, yet powerful, love.


You are made glorious in your aggressive advance and the world will take on a new hue of color as Heaven meets earth through you. You become the dwelling place of God, and you take Him and His presence with you everywhere you go! As you invade the territory of the enemy, it topples in your advance!

So, I say to you, Bride of Jesus – ADVANCE!

Advance into your hidden place with God – get on your knees before Him and fulfill His dream. He is what you need – He is your victory; He is your glory; He is your power; your success. You are His dream and the whole world is hungry for what you will become – the light of the Messiah. They're waiting for you to come and bring the light of Christ to their dark and troubled heart.

You keep looking and praying for a revival to hit a church or place, but God says to you, "My revival starts with you." He wants to bring His revival to your heart right now – transforming you through His glorious power. Don't look around to those you think He will use. Look inside your own heart and say "yes" to His glory. Say "yes" to your Papa God.

To God, you are revival – to Him, you are His success – to Him, you are His dream.

Then Christ will make His home in your hearts as you trust in Him. Your roots will grow down into God's love and keep you strong. And may you have the power to understand, as all God's people should, how wide, how long, how high, and how deep His love is. May you experience the love of Christ, though it is too great to understand fully. Then you will be made complete with all the fullness of life and power that comes from God. Ephesians 3:17-19 NLT

Victoria Boyson
Speaking Life Ministries


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