Saturday, July 7, 2012

Husbands and Wives and Heaven

This topic has been one that apparently has puzzled people for a long time. What will we know of each other in heaven. Will there be husbands and wives? Will we know we are or were married. Sadducees were the priestly aristocracy who tried to tried to trick Jesus..... A woman's husband dies, he has 6 brothers. Each in turn marries the woman as the next one dies. The question is, at the resurrection, we might say heaven, who's wife is she? They weren't looking for answers but those of us who are married and who are devoted to one another, we ask this question of ourselves. This must have been important to the writers of the Gospel since it appears in 3 of the 4. Matthew 22:23-33
Luke 20:27-40 Mark 12:18-27

This is unusual for the same story to appear in 3 Gospels with such similarity.

There are lots of other scriptural references to marriage and it's eternal perspective. More however is written in particular by the Apostle Paul about marriage and adultery via divorce.

The question at hand is...what about after this life. Just recently Gwen Wilkerson, wife of David Wilkerson died. He had been killed in an accident. She was injured. She pined for him and longed to join him in heaven. Now she has...what was that like? What is their relationship now?

I have asked the Lord to give me revelation of this reality. My mom and dad were killed in a car accident at the same time. Mom never wanted to be alone so dying together was her desire.

What happened when they both arrived in heaven?

We get some clues from those who have had after life experiences and have seen some of how that all works.

Here's what I have come to understand. In heaven we will be known as we were known. If you know someone as a child, but never again after, you will see them as a child even if they actually died at 100 years old. You will look better then you ever did. Its the recognition of the spirit of the person. Sometimes when someone walks into the room you know they are there, you know who it is, all without looking up. That's the sense.

Gender will be known but not differentiated. Here's the reality. David will know that Gwen was his wife, they were married, yet she will be his sister. They will be one spirit. But so will all. On the sea of glass...we are all one..yet separate. Jesus is the center of attention. Our earthly relationships good or bad will pale in contrast to who Jesus really is.

That brings me to a rough question. A man has a wife. They don't get along. Divorce takes place. They hate each other on earth...or at least intense dislike. They both die. Now they somehow end up in heaven...and meet each other. What is that like? It will seem insignificant. They will love each other in agape love. Without any consideration for what was. Their earthly troubles and pain won't exist at all. No tears in heaven. No anger. Only healing. Only love. Only joy. Only peace. And the central focus of all eternity that keeps it all in perspective is Jesus...the Lamb on the Throne. He is so magnificent.

So, yes you will know your spouse in heaven. Yes you will know you were married. It won't be the same as on earth. It will be much better. The peace and joy in your relationship that only occasionally on earth when Jesus overwhelmed your life will be eternally manifested in Heaven. In marriages where spouses died or multiple relationships it will be the same. You will know, but it will pale in light of HIS Glory.

We are blessed on earth in our marriages. Heaven will be superb. Better.


Vincenzo said...

I remember Rick Joyner describes in his book The Final Quest meeting many couples in heaven, and recognized them as men and women, so there were obviously distinctions. Some had bad marriages on earth and did not get along with each other. When Rick inquired about this, they told him that the relationships we have on earth are continued there (Heaven), only they are purified of sin, so that their love for each other and closeness is much deeper than it was in mortal life.

A book that I recommended to you in a previous post, "Ask for the Ancient Paths", also addresses this subject, very interesting indeed, and different from what many in the church teach.

margaret said...

What you say, Prophet Gene, makes a lot of sense, and I believe is true and Biblically-sound.

pastor Dan said...

Your ability to create an impression no doubt remains very bright.pastor Dan

pastor Dan said...

Try to write good and apply wisdom in all spheres. Pastor Dan

Fallout said...

"Their earthly troubles and pain won't exist at all. No tears in heaven. No anger. Only healing. Only love. Only joy. Only peace."

You were speaking about marriage and their relationship in heaven. But, outside of that I believe that there will be conflict and disagreements in heaven.