Sunday, July 15, 2012

Something is WRONG...Sinister ---- From Loren Sanford

Loren Sanford is a Pastor and a Prophetic voice out of Colorado. I respect him and post his words:

Why have I been unable to stay out of political discussion during this election cycle? It is so unlike me and I am uncomfortable with it. I realized today the reason why and I apologize for any extreme or inaccurate statements I may have made as I have grappled with what I'm sensing, seeking to understand.

Part of my prophetic gifting is that I just know things. I don't know how I know, but there are things that just settle inside of me and I know. For instance, even while most Democrats were joining Republicans in voting for the invasion of Iraq because of all the supposed evidence being presented, I "knew" that it was wrong somehow (aside from my aversion to war) and that it would cost us dearly. The evidence turned out to be faulty, the WMD's non-existent or simply not there, and it has cost us dearly in lives lost, in lives damaged and in the financial cost of war. A couple of years ago I knew that fires were coming to the western U.S. That year in both Texas and Oklahoma wildfires burned many thousands of acres and now this year is much worse across the entire west. I knew before I investigated the computer realities that the Y2K prophecies of doom and gloom were wrong and I alienated some people by boldly saying so. I knew in my gut that something was terribly wrong with the Lakeland Revival back in 2008 and again made some people angry by issuing a warning. The immorality in its leader was exposed less than two months later and it all came crashing down. I could make a longer list.

What I "know" today with certainty is that something sinister, deeply hidden, wrong and dangerous is going on at a national governmental level. It is moving this nation down a path that will harm us greatly and alter our country beyond recognition if not stopped. Truth be told, I can't with confidence blame it solely on Obama, Democrats, Republicans or Romney. I suspect it goes deeper than any kind of party affiliation or individual office holder and that many of these people are simply pawns on a chessboard, whether they know it or not. I only know that what I sense is real, it is huge and it has my insides in knots. I don't know whether or not it will be revealed at some point and issue in a huge public scandal or whether it will continue in hiddenness, molding and shaping our lives in ways we don't even fully realize now. I just know it's there and growing in destructive power.

Am I being paranoid? Yes. But with good reason.

No matter what side of the political spectrum you identify with, these are times for prayer for the will of God to be done and for the church of Jesus Christ to be granted more time to prepare for the troubles that certainly lie ahead. No matter what happens, we rule and reign in Christ as we have been entrusted with the power of the Kingdom of God to love and to heal people. Let us rise to the occasion!

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