Sunday, July 1, 2012

Is it OK for a Spiritual Leader to be Misled? Is he or she forfeit if they are??

I have been wrestling with this in the spirit now for a few days. I see people who are leaders but who are painfully mislead. They may have a church..that they are misleading. They may lead a network..that is being mislead. They may be the head of a denomination, misleading. They might even be the Pope...mislead and misleading.

How do you know if they are misleaders? How can these goats be identified? We have the tools to do so if we can get past our passions, allegiances, history and even friendships. We must be willing to stand up against the misleading to protect the sheep.

Long ago the Lord told me to tell you, "I will protect my sheep above my shepherds. If a shepherd goes astray, I will gather my sheep into a fold of protection and expose the false shepherd". He is very jealous of his sheep. He appoints called leaders who he demands higher allegiance from then many are willing to give. When they stray they are collared.

Then the question is, is that leader forfeit of their ministry? Is it OK for them to step back into the eye of those looking for leadership once again. I think it's possible. I have seen a few. But it's unusual. Fewer who are "Restored" really every are. It's possible if they go thru a careful deep alone with God time. I'm talking years not months.

Look at how hard God really is on misleaders. In the last few years we have seen from misleadership in the Church:
  • Adultery
  • Homosexuality
  • Theft
  • Destroyed Marriages
  • Child Abuse
  • Graft
  • Corruption
  • Drunken Driving
  • Murder
  • Whore-mongering
  • Riot
  • Hatred
  • Lying Outright
  • Abuse

and many other things that cause people to wonder about those of us in the Body of Christ.

God is FAR less forgiving of these misleaders. Their sins are covered, but their authority is damaged. In almost every case I have listed above there are many people that in spite of the charges, proofs and evidence, are loyal to these misleaders without question. They call it attack. Yes, it's an attack, FROM GOD.

I think it IS possible to be restored, but far less easily than we allow for today. It's important that before we place someone in authority in our fellowships they have cleansed their hands. Not with a quick prayer, speaking in tongues for a few minutes and a forgiveness from some overseer. They need to be right with God.

That takes time. That takes solitude. God has to deal with them.

Then restoration when/if it comes will be pure and real.

I haven't seen that much in my lifetime. I write this because there are people I know who are about to be taken down by Father. Many will mourn the loss of his or her leadership. Yet, His Sheep are more important to him than his Shepherds.

I am thankful I have found fellowship among men and women who are not of this. I was with them this past week. I won't name names. They know how much I appreciate all of them.

The pure works will stand and corruption will be exposed from the highest housetops. Mostly it will come in the Kleig Lights of 60 Minutes. Be sure...your sin WILL find you out Sir and Madam.

To those under one who is exposed. Love them, but set them down. Get in tune with what God is doing. It's not attack if it's from the Love of God.

Don't mourn for Moses, he is dead. Move on to Joshua.

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