Thursday, July 26, 2012

Crooks of the Worst Kind... Preachers Bilking the Church

This is a powerful statement that EVERY Senior Leader of EVERY church must read. There is a terrible day of the Lord coming to blasphemers; many of whom will stand in the pulpit next Sunday. Read, Tremble and Return to the Fear of the Lord or be prepared for Judgement. I don't know many of whom Robert speaks personally, but I know a few. That is too many. Read what Robert says:

‎"Write what's on my Heart. That's a tall challenge. Preachers bilking the church while they live in splendid houses and drive expensive automobiles. Them buying and selling houses and property using the churches Tax exemption status to become wealthy, hiring shady CPA's to help them cover their dirty work and beat the system. All off the backs of the local church people who work hard and all give them a part of their income because that's what they were told they had to do to go to heaven. Living like fat cats while appearing to be doing great work for God. You would have to have lived in their homes to know the real truth behind this righteous facade they present to the public. Some have been buying and selling like this for over 40 years and managed to stay ahead of the IRS and the saints too. They still keep everything in the Churches name but they have free reign of all the finances and live like Kings, moving to a new house and church building every few years, each one grander than the one before. People think they're really spiritual because they have so much. They're crooks, of the worst sort. It's not just TV preachers, it's ministers on the local level too who think they're Untouchable.

Okay, I'm writing under the surface about something but I'm allowed to do that. I've asked myself for years and I've even asked God, why has He let this go on in this manner. That's not all of it. These same sharks, and that's what they are, have condemned everybody to hell who does not comply with all their rules and it's their way or the highway. I'm not talking about good Pastors, I'm talking about the rotten ones who have driven untold numbers of people into the street while they ruled with an iron fist and flattened anyone who got in their way. Those who could not comply were called ungodly, reprobate and the worse of sinners while these got richer every day. Some of us believed their words and felt we were no good and godless folk because we could no longer abide such tyranny. We left the church in shame and fell into all kinds of bad worth because we believed what they said about us. It's taken some of us an entire lifetime to get our senses back, go back to loving God who we learned never stopped loving us and recover from some of the garbage laid on us. Many still haven't returned to any kind of faith and they're lost between what they once believed and what they know is real today. So many years wasted, never realizing that much of that wasn't about God to begin with. It takes years to get over being bitter at everything and return to your first love. What hurts a lot is when you still see good people, even young people who do not know any better falling for these ministries that are not what they appear to be. How many more must be pulled in and used up before God says enough.

So many young people's lives destroyed, married to people they never wanted to marry, even before they were grown adults, because the preacher said so. And so many divorces to show for it, lives broken and scattered in all directions. So many mistakes made through lack of self-worth, addictions and failings that never should have happened while the ring leaders seem unscathed. Oh, I know, we are told that they will get their just due one day. And then you see them hurt someone else. Another report came to me about new souls, flattened, torn down, made to comply or get out, hearts that really love God but have fallen into such a church. I wasn't going to say all this but I must be real. These false preachers, and I don't care what their names are and what group they belong to, just better hope and pray that all of these struggling to make their way back to the Lord don't get too discouraged and stop their recovery. These cast out souls just might decide to not be seeking to follow the fruit of the Spirit and start telling everything they know on these evil doers who have been hidden and covered all these years. It's tempting, I won't lie one bit. People died thinking God and His people didn't love them and these have flown so high, living like rich princes and sucking God's people dry. Those of us who fell and made mistakes have learned to take responsibility for our own failures. We're drawn away by our own lusts, that's the Word. Our business was shouted from the housetops but don't worry, before it's all said and done, what they are and what they've done will also be shouted from every roof. The Word says that God has a special punishment and accountability measure for those ministers who have destroyed and scattered His sheep. That's also the Word whether anyone wants to hear it or not. It's not easy to keep the right Spirit when you see new people getting hurt by the same back breakers.

Leaving vengeance to God is not always easy. It's a test to see if you can keep the right spirit and not be distracted or brought down again by such heartless ones. I know there are millions upon millions of hurt souls that still need someone to understand and tell them, "It was as bad as you thought it was, but there is a way out. It's the same path you started down a long time ago. The one that's walked only by those who truly love the Lord and love His people." I'm still a bit angry over all this but I won't let it destroy me this time. We've come too far, we've worked too hard. I even prayed for those hard heads today. And that my friend, is progress. God will handle it. I have to control my spirit. Sometimes, I don't want to.


Kathleen Blake said...

Wouldn't exposing these people be the just thing do? Am I missing something?

Unknown said...

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