Monday, July 23, 2012

Out of the Heart - or not

About a year ago I met Apple Lau who is now Apple Lau Lepke, wife of Tobias Lepke. She led the song "How He Loves" (David Crowder). It was a small service near UIC. I was invited to speak by Phillip Owens Jr. As Apple led us in that song with just her voice and the guitar I came to a realization, skill and ability are nothing without intimacy with GOD...and out of the abundance of the heart the songs flow and move the hearts of all who hear. Much of our problems in finding competent worship leadership is finding hearts that can worship in spirit and in truth. Anyone can sing. Few can actually lead worship. We don't have a lack of worship leader skill, we have a heart problem, no intimacy with Jesus leads to songs sung but worship not led.

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