Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I am a Fraud.... Confession of a Prophet

Yes, you heard me right. I am a fraud if you think I am somehow better or superior to anyone else as a man. I am as flawed a person as you might find. It grieves me up that I am so weak in so many ways. I wish I could live up to even half my press releases. But I can't. I'm a fraud.

So are you.

So were all the men who gave up all to follow Jesus. They were weak, sometimes clumsy and very flawed. They saw Jesus die and rise again. Yet they had fear. Even AFTER the Holy Spirit was poured out, there were spells where they failed to live up to what we might have expected of them.

This came to me overnight as I pondered the note of a friend calling out a national televangelist as a fraud. It's an appellation towards him that I might even agree with. I don't think much of this man. Yet, to call him a fraud sweeps a wide brush over all of us. Who isn't a fraud?

I have known personally many highly visible men and women of God in my decades as a Christian. Some who I even admire. If I called their names you would be impressed or think I was name dropping. The truth is, the closer you get to "greatness" the more you come to the awareness that they/we are all flawed.

The tendency to learn how to put on a well pressed suit just zipped out of the bag with a fresh shower and coiffed hair to do a 3 hour dog and pony show complete with a love offering means we don't get to know them for who they really are. Flawed. Frauds if you like.

I have developed a great affection for and admiration of Apostle John Eckhardt. There are a lot of reasons, but one is that in spite of the horrible examples some of our national leaders have been, he is willing to go into their camps, minister to them and be a friend. I have been less then that in toleration of what I see as foolishness. I am learning to be more agape in my love of my fellow workers in the Kingdom. If I get to complete sanctification I might even learn to accept someone who votes for democrats. (A little prophetic humor).

IF we examine the life of Paul as revealed in his epistles and in the Book of Acts you will see him often referring to himself in his weakness, inadequacy, fumbling, sin, pride and anger. Romans 7, 2 Corinthians 11-12 and a dozen other places.

If Paul were of a truth today, he would say of himself, "I'm a fraud" BUT... I am Paul, an Apostle, sent one, given by God as a gift to serve you.

Can we say any more or less? "I'm a fraud", but I am Gene, a Prophet given by God as a gift to serve you.

Maybe it's about time we get over our own bad self...and let HIM Shine THRU us?

That is a word for someone today. It was for me.

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