Tuesday, December 13, 2011

a 'Word from the Lord' for 2012 by David Smith

David Smith is a friend of mine. I trust him. This is interesting and stirring. Consider:

From Prophet David:
Below, is what I believe the Lord wants me to post regarding this upcoming year of 2012.

He downloaded the whole thing to me in about 30 seconds, but I spent a few hours double-checking the Bible, and checking what He wanted me to say. The final draft, I checked numerous times by way of Holy Spirit.

To give you some scripture to "check" what the 'Word - it covers the section of scripture between Eli and Solomon (essentially Judges/1st/2nd Samuel & 1 Kings) : more specifically, it addresses the transition between the kingship of Saul & the transition to the Kingship of David & the building of the temple under King Solomon.

As always - please do not believe my words simply because I write them - but go to God's Word & check with Holy Spirit to see if these words be true.

Hear ye the 'Word of the Lord' for 2012 -


I am the Lord.

Man has had their day, their time. Now, it is My Day, My time.

I have rejected Saul.

You have set your idols before Me - now, your idols will fall.

Behold, you stand on the threshold of the Day of the Lord.

I have prepared My Army of Joshua's - now, they become Christ's Mighty Men.

They have been tested, they have been tried. Now, they stand at the door - prepared to shout.

At that Shout, at My command, all that is of man will change. All that is of man will be shaken. The day of man will be no more.

At the Shout of My Army - the path to New Jerusalem will be paved. With the Shout of My Army, the dragon will, once again, raise its head to wage war against the House of David. This time, that House will never fall.

King David traveled a long journey to bring My House to Jerusalem. I have traveled a long journey to bring My House Home. That journey is near its end.

Now - you will see your world shaken.

Now - you will see who is King.

Now - you will see who is God!


margaret said...

This word is powerful and uplifting - going into 2012. Does anyone not feel in their spirit that the great Day of the Lord is almost at the door?

margaret said...

"I have rejected Saul".

I forgot to mention in my previous posting that this made my heart jump. Some of us know who Saul is, and pray for his defeat. We are looking for a David to replace him - a man who truly loves God with all his heart. God will surely bless him.