Thursday, December 8, 2011

I gotta get away

For the past decade I have always gone aside for a few days of quiet at the end of the year to hear from God. He is faithful to speak. The accuracy of what He says is amazing, but He is GOD. This is a sad admission, but I am so wrapped up in business right now, I don't have time. WHAT IS UP with that? Too busy to hear directly from the Throne???

I will make the time, even if it costs me financially. I Have to hear what He has to say. Last year's work was amazing in it's accuracy. It would be good to have a clue what's yet to come.

IF you are a prophet and you want to do this, get alone, No computer, no cell phone, no Bible (it should already be in you), no radio. Just you, a pen and paper and seclusion. Wait, Wait, Wait. Pray if you like. Pray in Tongues. It helps if you don't eat. No distractions. Just water during this time. THEN be quiet. BE totally still and write down what you hear Him say. As long as He speaks.

You can in this time Inquire of the Lord. That is Biblical. Ask the Lord a question about a situation or a person or a decision. Write it out. Then sit quietly. He will answer. Write it down just as you hear it. Don't edit too much. Don't interpret. Be faithful to deliver what you hear. Who knows, the Lord may just deliver a word for the world thru you.


denise g./propheticexpression said...

like this

Heart n Hands Inc. said...

ME TOO! I am already contemplating my "where" and when!