Wednesday, December 21, 2011

In Fresh Water

Last night I attended Crusaders Church in Chicago. I have been so busy in business that I haven't darkened the door for a while. It's Christmas week. I wasn't going anywhere last night. I didn't know what to expect. I went because I have been so hungry for something real. Something fresh. Something clean.

I wasn't disappointed.

During the time of worship I had a sudden wave of what could only be a sensation of fresh water crashing over me. Clean. Clear. Cool. Fresh. It's been a long time. Some streams are less than refreshing.

It was interesting because while I was experiencing this Apostle Eckhardt began to declare a moment of Niagara flowing over us. Fresh water. Newness. In the same flow.

I love when that happens. When in sensitivity the Spirit of God speaks to people all at once.
I needed that. There were some 1 Corinthian 14 moments. During the preaching, a precious sister asked Apostle a question, He smiled and said, "This isn't a class", but took her question, respected and answered it. Earlier a young man walked up and brought a note on a different translation of a Bible Verse Apostle was reading from. It gave additional depth to the understanding. Apostle was gracious and sensitive.

I wonder how many major leaders in the Body of Christ are that flexible and humble to have this kind of thing happening in their services. There may have been 5-700 people there. Only those most sensitive to the flow of the Holy Spirit walking in fullness of maturity and anointing can operate at this level. I have talked of this in the past. Five Fold leaders must learn to understand what the operation of Holy Spirit is at any moment and be ready to fit in where HE leads. That might happen even in the middle of what was a well prepared sermon the Spirit of God might move on someone to interrupt what was happening to say something else. That takes confidence. I have seen it only a few times and it was always good.

This will take real maturity and humility among leaders in the future. Most won't get there. Here's the word of the Lord:

I will restore the fallen tabernacle of David, I will bring back the soul of MY Body on earth. I will see my people with a new heart and a new mind in the unity of MY Spirit.

I saw that manifested last night. I needed to see it. I had gone stale in my spirit. I needed a washing of regeneration I wasn't getting on my own. The congregational influence of reaching up, pulled me up.

The old song from David Ruis, Wash Over last night:
When the tears are falling
And the tears blow 'cross my mind
When the waves are breaking
And the sun is hard to find
When the deep is calling
And the waterfall's my home
When I'm all but drowning
And I'm treading on my own

I cry a silent prayer
That comes out of me
It's a mystery
Come wash over me
Wash over me
'Till I can't take any more
And I dream that my voice is heard
In a secret place
Where I bare my face
Come wash over me
Wash over me
'Till I can't take any more

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