Sunday, December 18, 2011

Reviewing the past year in Prophecy

Last year about this time I sought the Lord over the year to come, the one just being completed.

Some prophetic things that came to pass worth noting:

"The world you are living is becoming more and more fragile. More than ever. Things you thought were unbreakable are now breaking.
So many things we thought could never break down are now globally collapsing. Economies. Governments. Systems.

Words for 2011 in the world:

* Korea: Leading to ONE
* Venezuela: Paper Tigers burn up
* Russia: Drifting to a former state
* China: Change - Fragile - Stumbles
* Australia - New Zealand: Turning a new leaf
* Europe: Backlash and restraint. Re Order

I am about to break the education system in your nation that has become a place teaching doctrines of devils. Thesis that are created by the enemy of your soul. Look for changes in this year. It has been going on for a while, but I will accelerate the changes in this year.

There will be great upsets in the year to come in the physical. Birth pangs. There will be earthquakes, center of the USA, California, Alaska, far east. The weather will be severe as a norm. VERY COLD. VERY HOT. Abnormal will become normal.
You must not place your trust in any man during this time. I have demonstrated MY power to dethrone false gods in the past year, even those who were considered great in the Kingdom, to be brought down. This will accelerate. Those who carry a great call will be judged more severely.

Every nation pays it's overwhelming national debts with monetized money. Money made up. Fiat money to pay off overblown indebtedness. Our international partners will put up with some of this because they have ways of laying off the risks in buying asset preserving instruments.

States, cities and individuals have no such power. Right now many states in the USA are bankrupt. Many cities as well. The primary cause of this bankruptcy is pensions owed to individuals who work or worked for the states and cities. These pensions are unpayable. There is no political will to deal with this. The result is that defaults will happen. There will be no checks sent. Riots and other forms of civil unrest will happen. Unions will attempt to muscle money out of the public sector. The public sector has no money. So the public sector will attempt to muscle the money out of the private sector. This is a fleece the people mentality. It will in fact result in violence we have not seen in this nation in decades. People will die. Military will be needed to quell the riots. The result will be the reduction of human rights and civil liberties.

This State and City bankruptcy will foment an economic and social collapse. One that no politician can cure. Not republicans, tea party, democrat. No one. This will cause crimes of necessity. People will steal from one another out of need. Something we have not seen since the middle 1930s. Violence and lawlessness will increase.

People with huge student debt will find no place to apply their education no matter how good it seems to be. There will be no jobs.
These young people will become a difficulty in our economy as they clamor to take their place but are woefully unprepared to do so. There will be a backlash from the youth.

You can read the whole of the prophetic word for 2011 here.

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margaret said...

The unification of the Koreas, as prophesied, is one huge step closer today, thank God!!