Wednesday, December 7, 2011

History, is it repeatable?

My friend Prophet David Smith of Asheville NC observed this with Spiritual Eyes:

On this date 70 years ago, Pearl Harbor was attacked - and the United States, & the world, changed forever. SEVENTY years is generally considered to be the biblical lifespan of man. The Book of Daniel talks about 70 weeks being 490 years (70X7) to the Christ (see the Matt. Henry commentary for more on this). The year 2011 minus (-) 490 = 1521. What happened in the year 1521? Martin Luther was excommunicated, went into hiding - and then changed the world forever.

I honor those of the greatest generation who changed the world forever after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

I honor those who in the past did the same as Martin Luther did.

Who will do that again? Is he or she about to be revealed?

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