Saturday, December 10, 2011

Lance Wallnau -- Unemployed Angels?

It should not be too big a stretch to believe that God has assigned angels to watch over you. Your angel is the invisible guardian who keeps you in all your ways, sets up key connections and advances, and in the end accompanies you at death. But what if God has more than one angel at work in your life? In fact, what if God has purposes and multiple assignments for you to complete? It is not a stretch to imagine that some saints have a veritable swarm of spiritual activity surrounding them - including warfare and battles. But what of the saint to much is given but little is done?

What happens when the angel is assigned to a believer who allows fear, sin, bad teaching or doubt to stop them? What do the angels do when believers for long stretches of time wander like the wilderness Hebrews in circles? The angels do not leave....but angels are, for all intent and purposes - unemployed. What a thought.

Angels are mighty winds of fire assigned to advance you in the very areas you were created to go. They are activated by the voice of His Word...and only wait to hear the anointed utterance, command, confession, prayer that comes out of your mouth. They will go before you, set things up, bring in the resources needed, bind your adversary and fulfill the prophetic word over your life - if only employed. I wonder, what are they doing right now? Are they fully engaged?

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Ruby said...

A thought provoking blog. Thank you.