Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Prophetic Headlines

I don't KNOW Terry Bennett Personally. I have watched his work. He seems to hear from God in a unique way. God gives him Headlines in Advance. I had published some from a meeting he had in KC but was asked to remove them. I did. The headlines he got last December were erie, so many came to pass.

SO, I commend this to you. I honor the prophetic.

Some recent headline prophecies:
  • Pharmaceutical Nightmare; Uncovering the hidden intentions and cover ups, big money vs. the hidden long-term health effects of drugs.

  • Overhauling the FDA; unveiling the corruption of payoffs and buyouts.

  • The Trial for the Unborn - the conscience pulse of our nation. To vote or not to vote, and a nation hanging in the balance.

  • The Taming of the Shrewd! Restrictions and transparency measures increased toward Wall Street investors, insurers, and the business of profit.

  • "I Fell into the Burning Ring of Fire," The Ring of Fire Ablaze!

  • "The Burning of Our Fields," from historical practice to modern catastrophe.

  • The Season of Burning; a South Chicago Blaze, a New York Blaze, and a San Francisco fire.

  • The Embattled Bill of Rights, the Basis of Our Freedoms on Trial.

See them all

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Gene! I agree Terry hears in a unique way. Many of the IHOP KC meeting headlines that haven't happened yet, seem to be coming together for fulfillment...