Friday, December 30, 2011

Kim Clement: Warning to Middle East

Kim ClementProphesied December 1, 2011 – From The Garden (Iran and Syria):

Regarding Iran and Syria: "Woe to those who make unjust laws and to those who issue oppressive decrees. What have you done, depriving the poor of their rights and withholding justice from the oppressed of My people, making widows your prey, raping young women and robbing the fatherless? What are you going to do in the day of reckoning when disaster comes from afar? To whom are you going to run for help? Where are you going to leave your riches?

"Nothing will remain but to cringe among the captives and fall among the slain. Yet for all of this, My hand shall be upraised; judgment against you. Woe to you, Iran. Woe to you, Syria. The rod of My anger in whose hand is the club of My wrath – you would run? You would flee to another godless nation? Watch – I will dispatch you against the people who anger Me. What would you do to seize the money, to seize the treasure, and to snatch the plunder and then to run? Where will you run to? Where will you go? Would you run and seize all the images? Would you seize the idols and run?

"I will punish the kings of Iran and Syria and others for the willful pride of your hearts and the haughty looks in your eyes." God says, "By the strength of My hand I will do this. By My wisdom, because I have understanding. I will remove the boundaries of these nations. I will plunder their treasures like a mighty one, like I did before as I subdued kings." Therefore God Almighty says, "Your own warriors who were once sturdy, I will send a spirit of division, a wasting disease if necessary, but the light of Israel will become a fire, the Holy One a flame."

And Israel, what about you? Have I not already spoken at the remnant? The survivors will not rely on any other nations. They are self-reliant, for they rely on the Lord, the Holy One of Israel. A remnant has returned, and they've returned to the mighty God, and though the people be like the sand by the sea, Israel – just a remnant – will stand up and watch the destruction of these that would come against them.

Therefore, this is what God says: "My people who live in Israel, who live in Zion, do not be afraid of Iran, do not be afraid of Syria, do not be afraid of Russia. Do not be afraid of these nations who try and beat you with a rod and lift up their hands against you as Egypt has endeavored to and will." But God says, "My anger against them will end this destruction. I will lash them with a whip, like I did before." This is the word of the Lord.

The Winds of Change are Coming

Prophesied December 3, 2011 – From The Garden (Winds of Change):

As the winds are blowing in Southern California, as I'm praying now, it is a sign, because God did speak to me about the winds earlier and the fact that this would be a sign that southern California will actually be blessed, will be restored, or come back, and God will shine again on this state. Though great evil has come on this state – He spoke to me about this and said – even though great evil has been propagated from this state, once again He will restore it.

There will always be evil. There is evil in every state in America; there's evil in every nation in the earth. Evil will not be wiped out until Christ returns. However, the dominion of evil will not stand here. Already God has judged many of those that have stood up and been arrogant in this industry. So therefore, what I've received today now is the winds are blowing very strongly as a blessing, as a sign that certainly He is destroying certain levels of evil, certain levels of dominion and principalities in this region.

Yesterday was a day where I spent a lot of time in spiritual warfare – hours, in fact. Today I'm sensing an excitement in the Spirit. I'm sensing anticipation. I'm sensing that the winds will not only blow in Southern California but in America. The winds of change are coming. That's what I'm hearing as I'm praying right now:

The winds of change are coming. These are not just coincidences. All this – the weather patterns – has to do with what God is saying and actually doing right now. I'm continuing my prayer – Southern California, California will be restored. God will not wipe it out and send it into the sea. That is His word and that's what He's saying right now. I will continue to pray for America and see what He has to say about this nation, because there has to be a change of God. The winds of change are coming, and let's see what takes place. It's very exciting.

"From a Recession to a Depression was the Plan of the Enemy, and that Will Not Happen"

Prophesied December 4, 2011 – From The Garden (Economy):

It is day four and today is very different. There's a lot of brokenness, and I'm finding that I'm "weepy," which is sometimes a sign of joy, true joy. It sounds strange, but it is the case that sometimes when you have joy tears come. There's also a feeling of humility. The fact that America, and many of the nations that God is setting up to bless – they have been humbled, these nations, and we'll probably be more appreciative as the economy turns slowly around. I say slowly because it is the hand of God that has allowed this for a season, though I must say the Kingdom of God has flourished; even though many have struggled, we've survived, and it's at its worst now.

That's what came to me as I'm praying, and I have to share this with you, because it's day four and it's regarding the economy. These are words that came to me: "The plan of the enemy was to humiliate; the plan of God was to humble America and to humble many of these nations. Those who have been in strong positions financially and have been cocky and have held their head up and strutted like a peacock, now they shall be humbled and shall be likened unto the fox, and there shall be no hole for the fox, no place to rest.

These nations that have been proud and these nations that have said, 'We have control because of the oil and various other means,' the change will bring them to a place where they will look and say, 'Now it has come to us. Why? We looked at the west and we looked at the great eagle and we said, "It has fallen," or "It is falling." Now it has come upon us, for we thought we could trust in our soil, we thought we could trust in that, and in the resources that we had, but look – America and the nations have been placed in a position where they are now, a resource that has overtaken and blessed them.'"

So I heard these words: "From a recession to a depression was the plan of the enemy, and that will not happen." God said, "I will save them from the ultimate, and that is a depression, and then out of the recession." So the word of the Lord that's coming to me as I'm praying now and calling to Him is that there is a strategy that God has, and please don't take this wrong, and this is not only regarding the political aspect, for those that disagree with Reagan maybe, but the Lord spoke to me and said, "I honored him, and so there will be a re-visitation of Reagan."

Now obviously this is not speaking about reincarnation, but there will be a spiritual and political re-visitation of Reagan, "And I shall even place someone there that will have that in their heart. As I blessed Reagan and caused this country to come forth and be restored, so it shall begin. The era shall begin in the next seven years. Now look up, for your redemption draws near. And even though they shall say, and you will hear their words, 'This recession shall lead to a depression,' but what of, what of the Euro Zone?"

God says, "I spoke to you about a unity that shall take place. Now look up. Again I say to you, look up for your rescuer is near and the people of God shall be blessed, for I will reveal secrets to them on how to invest and where to invest so that I can take them out of debt. The greatest investment that they can make," the Lord says, "is into the Kingdom of God and into the destiny that is ahead. Therefore, do not sow in places where there is death. Death does not take place in the future; death does not happen in the future. Death always happens in the present. There is no such thing as death in the future; it takes place in the present and therefore sow into the future, those that speak of a future, those who speak of the good news of reaching the earth. That is the future."

Now, these words came to me as I'm praying, and I'm still here now. We had tremendous, tumultuous weather here yesterday; the winds blew greatly. Today there is peace. The sun is shining in this state, in any event. This is a sign to me; as I walk up and down this garden, these are good signs. These are signs for His people to rejoice, and in the presence of the Lord there is fullness of joy. So, as your prophet and spiritual leader to many of you, I tell you what He has shown me on the fourth day.

Take note of this; pray it, for the will of God can only be brought about by the prayers of God's people, the people of Christ – the princes and princesses of royal Blood. Those are the ones that God listens to. So I ask you to pray with me now and hear my words. The first investment that you make is into the Kingdom of God, and specifically into the future. The present often is death. People who do not proclaim what God has for them in the future are those that are dying and offer nothing. We do not sow into that which is death.

So, Lord, I encourage the people of God to sow and to give. And Lord, in this State, they have heard the word of the Lord. I pray that they'd begin there. And, Lord, open up the doors and show them where they should invest, where there's success, where there's victory, where there is growth, where there is progress. And Lord, many will become debt-free in the year 2012, many of them. Many of them, Lord God, will become millionaires. This is not an impossibility – and even some, billionaires.

Why would I say these things? Because it is God's will to prosper, for once you are prosperous and you have humility, you have the Kingdom of God and the progress and the advancement of the Kingdom of God. That's what His word is, so I bless you from my garden.

Kim Clement
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Kim Clement: The life of Kim Clement is an expression that has defined "the prophet" for the modern era. This has made his journey unique; a journey that has taken his inspired message to schools and colleges, churches and synagogues, alleyways and prison cells. Kim's prophetic gift is a magnet that has drawn a broad audience, as he has whispered to kings and inspired prisoners, his path through life continues to be an exciting adventure. His diverse and extemporaneous perspective has gained him notoriety that transcends culture, race and religion, placing him onto a world platform. He has performed at the Rose Bowl Stadium in California, Times Square in New York City, Mt. Carmel in Israel and even the steps of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.


Ron McK said...

I sometimes wonder if KC get his instructions from the US State Department. Hillary Clinton gets all stirred up about Syria and Iran, and next thing KC comes out with a word to support her.

The Assad government of Syria is not very nice, and attacking it is the trendy thing to do, but it is relatively harmless. At least it protects Christians and has offered Israel a peace treaty.

On the other hand, Saudi Arabia is a far greater threat to the world. It’s dictatorial rulers are totally hostile to Christianity. They are using their oil billions to export Wahhabism, the most virulent form of Islam, all over the world. I presume that KC remains silent about Saudi Arabia, because it is a client of the United States.

Caleb said...


I simply do not see any of this happening. Why would God bless this nation when there is an ever increasing number of abortions, injustice in the courts, theft, worshipping of demon culture (zombies, vampires, death), arrogance, hedonism, lust of money and things, lust of the flesh, flourishing of porno, etc? Our system is getting ready to utterly and absolutely collapse and hell is coming in full to Americans. We will be reaping what we have sown. The world will be reaping what it has sown. The end times are here and now. According to matthew 24 and other prophecies, things are going to be completely upended and trying as no other time in history until Jesus returns.