Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Initiating Breakout

An Occasional Correspondent from Florida made contact.

Her Father is in the Hospital. She asks for Prayer. I ask you, reader to pray for Keri's father.

All will be well...

She is also an unemployed teacher. And is wondering what the Lord would say regarding prospects for employment.

I have sat on this for a day. Her original question was lost in posting. So what I say now is what the Holy Spirit brings to remembrance.

You ask for breakthru. Your breakthru comes thru the gifts I place all around you. Isolation will cause hopelessness. Find like minded people. Spend time. Develop relationships. Take the risk. Even if you get hurt, you hurt more alone.

Find a fellowship who can stand with you in a Hebrews 10:25 way. You need the prophet less in your life than you need people who can speak the word of the Lord in Casual conversation to you.

It's more than friends. It's connection. Your breakthru might be in that next cup of coffee you drink with another.

IF nothing seems like it's opening up in teaching, you may need to see if this is a door closed. Try other doors. Take a job doing something. Anything. I suspect you are collecting unemployment. That can be a trap. You might want to look in other areas. Even if you work off the books for a while, the work you do will matter.

Getting out among others will help you. The open door in your life is your own. You don't need advice, what I have just said you already knew. You need encouragement, one on one, face to face, so you can face the days to come.

Have no fear. You are where you are because there is a purpose. God never does anything without purpose.

Redeem the time for the days are evil.

Bless you, now get out there.

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Anonymous said...

...and I can speak from experience. These are all great points of advise. Let me add some.

It's real easy to think, no matter how strong you think you are in your faith, that God has abandoned you. He hasn't. He's watching over you. Even if you think things aren't happening to change your situation, God's working to make things right for your life in every way.

Don't think nobody loves you. People still do, and so does God. You might not hear from people as much as when "things were good" but the Holy Spirit will work on people to say or do the right thing at the right time. It's easy for people to say "get out and about" because what they don't understand is the hurt you're experiencing. Talk to God about that. He's your best friend. He'll guide you to people who will lift you up as He does. And, He will.

This is the real key: remember to worship God no matter the situation. Read the book of Job. It's a tough read, but he went thru many trials and circumstances similiar to what you're experencing, and God did an amazing thing in the end. Your circumstance is NOT the end of the story. Your victory is!

Pray, pray and pray. It's easy to get depressed, angry, jealous and spiteful. Don't. Pray for God to really protect your mind and heart from those things. Ask God to remove those points (or even people) in your life and replace them with His things. Joy, peace, hope, faith and love.

In this time, you WILL be placed in situations that are considered divine appointments-situations you normally wouldn't think of being in and people you might not be around. Share your faith-witness. God WILL use you to help others to go thru their struggles as well. That's one of the coolest things about times like you're going thru. Make it a time of lifting up others, as well as yourself.

I don't know you, but in many ways I do. I and many others will be praying over and thru your situation not only for a release of blessings, but a time of overflow: not just physically, but spiritually as well.

Your in Good Hands-His. NEVER EVER forget that, no matter what the enemy attacks you with. Praise Him right now as a first act of knowing that since He brought you to it, He WILL see you thru it!