Sunday, October 3, 2010

Centers of Attention - ANYTHING but the TRUE GOD

There are a lot of things jostling for position in our lives as the center of attention. The Devil uses them to displace or take off focus that which must be the center of our attention.

Music, entertainment, sports, politics, TV, movies, movie stars, business, finance, pressures, family trouble, news, global strife, wars, rumors of wars, terrorism.

The stage of our mind is full of things competing to be the center of our attention.

I had such a week where those kinds of things became the center of my attention.

In my quiet time I was reminded that the pressures of life had pushed HIM off the stage.

He said, "My son, don't forget I will never ever leave you nor forsake you. I am the lifter of your head. I am a shield for you. I am to be the center of your life, as you remember that, as you walk in that, you will have victory".

Even in Church Stuff, and I'm involved in a lot of "Church Stuff" there is a potential for THAT to get in the way of keeping JESUS at the Center.

We worry about too much.

"Martha Martha" Jesus said.

Mary is who I strive to be, but Martha is a Ghost that haunts.

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