Friday, October 29, 2010

Empty Suit Prophets and Apostles

I spend a lot of time with "apostles" and "prophets". Some are the real deal. Some, not so much. I won't identify which is which but there is a difference. Many who claim the titles, have it on their business cards or on the door are simply empty suits. Even if they dress well, look sharp and speak well, the question is, is there anything there there?

In getting to know apostles and prophets from the word of God I see things in them that has little to do with foolishness that goes on in the church revolving around these titles.

I won't condemn or identify them here. That's not my mission. What I would advise is try hard to see if your apostle carries the Marks of Jesus. They are the marks of an apostle. Compassion, vision, connection, kingdom mindset over a church building mindset, desire to see people equipped and readied for ministry. Those are the marks of Jesus. The marks of an apostle. By their fruit you will know them. IF you question the apostleship of your apostle, ask this question, if JESUS were here would HE do what this apostle is doing the way he is doing it. By his fruit will you know him.

Many so called prophets are simply good motivational speakers. We need motivation and encouragement, but we need the gift. And, freely received it must be freely given. Any resistance to provide the gift as it is needed is the sign that the Prophetic gift is absent despite the title. A prophet doesn't turn it on and off. In or out. They just ARE. It's a type of being. Saul became a different man when he Prophesied. That was in the old covenant. In the new, it's more. You become a different person as a prophet and it doesn't depart. And tears of compassion and sorrow. Most true prophets deeply feel the hurt of a nation or people. They prophesy out of a deep spiritual well of compassion. Not advice, destiny. Yes, there is judgment, there is a place to call out evil. But it's done out of compassion for the people. A true prophet regards the sheep more than the shepherd. He will have the heart of God to protect the sheep from those who would shear them illegitimately. I wish we had more true prophets. We have many many fewer than you would think. Test the prophets around you. Do they seek to build the body? To equip? To encourage the downtrodden. To correct the errors. To protect the Sheep? It's the fruit of the Prophet. IF your prophet won't prophesy or bring you to someone who will, they probably aren't a prophet. There are times when I don't have a word for someone. BUT, I will bring that person to someone who will. It's presbytery. It's the real deal.

I hope the Body of Christ will grow up to recognize the true prophetic and true apostolic among them. Not the false.

Here is a comment on this from a dear lady from Hawaii. It's worth reading and considering:

Thank you for this!!! I wanted to see a prophet that visited us recently telling my friends I would attend his meeting...God told me not to. When I kinda threw a small tantrum (forgive me Lord!) He gave me Matt 23 (He never did that before) and showed me a vision where pillars around me were getting taller fast and the worship music became loud noise. The pillars represented people. He showed me that people are rising fast, but some don't know how to steward their gifts therefore, there will be lots of ugly...greed, jealousy, pride, etc etc. It's what I'm seeing around me now. God was 'protecting' me...he then showed me a false, I'm praying for discernment and trying to be quiet with Him. I am also trying to find a church who takes care of their seems there are a lot of churches loving the pulpit so much they forget to 'see' the body. Finding a church who really cares for the body is hard to find...we need more churches that are willing to equip and help the body rise above the chaos, giving life, passing on the strength and confidence, the boldness of our Living the needs of the hurt to help them become overcomers...we need more fathers and spiritual mothers , we need more Holy Spirit in the churches, we need more God, we need to live the Word and pass what it looks like on to others...we need, we need.

He sees with His love...I know He hurts to see what's happening out there, which is why we hurt...I cry inside because I know my Father is sad...ohhhh if we only could see and feel with His... heart, we will then and only then do the right thing...remove the egos, think and feel, and see from His heart...I can go on and on about this...we have NO time, this IS the end times...we must must MUST start doing what's RIGHT and in ALIGNMENT WITH HIM!!! WE HAVE NOT TIME...URGENCY IS IN THE AIR, ALMOST DESPERATION TO DO THINGS OF GOD NOW NOW I sit quietly on my knees in total surrender to try and hear what He wants and try to live as an example. I am still far from it, but am trying my best...I want ONLY God, nothing else...oops! Sooo sorry, I started's an ache that is always there...I just want to see and experience God ALWAYS in ALLL WAYS..

Thank you for your post in sharing what to look for, to help guide us there...bless you!
Let those with ears to hear, hear what the Spirit of the Lord Says

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