Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Is Prominence the work of Jezebel?

I'm starting to wonder if prominence isn't a hindrance to the prophetic office.

I just read Chuck Pierce's word on the Gulf Oil disaster. It's good but it's just an echo of what was said by many prophets of less prominence 60 days ago.

I read what Paul Keith Davis said.
GOOD, but late and cautious. I wonder if fear and concern for the bookings for the future doesn't put these good men in chains. I don't think in earlier years of lesser prominence they would have been so careful. What we need now is boldness and courage in the Prophetic.

If placing men like this on platforms causes them to become silent, that is a work of Jezebel. To silence the prophets. Chuck and Paul, we need your gift. Being insipid and late is not the Prophetic Office you were called to. Be bold and strong. Break off those chains of inhibition. Bring a NOW word with courage and by the Spirit of the Living God.

Prophets PROPHESY.

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