Friday, July 2, 2010

I heard the Lord Say, "Stop inviting people to Church"

Early this morning this word came. Strange no?

Yet as I waited I got clarity. Many of what we think is evangelism is inviting people to a meeting or a church service. It can be but is far less than we think.

Millions of unsaved souls ended up in Hell because at one time or another they were invited to church rather than being won for the kingdom by the witness of a victorious life. Millions more have watched television and seen some of the foolishness that goes on in the name of Jesus. Any heart they ever had was hardened by what they saw and heard.

Church might be the worst place to find rest in God.

I know now I have lots of people upset. BUT, I got this from the throne this morning so you will have to take it up with HIM.

People want to see our lives, in order, happy, fulfilled, at peace, joyful, steady, victorious. That's what the world is looking for in these unsteady times. As the economy lurches and retreats they will need to see it even more.

Church may not be the place to see that any more than going to a hospital's ICU can help you learn to live healthy in your body. Church is a place...FOR BELIEVERS. The idea of an unbeliever coming into a church service to get saved in the early church was not on the agenda. Yes, if one did and they saw and heard the gifts of the Spirit move it might help them get saved, but the assembly of the brethren was to encourage one another as the day draws near.

You and I must live a lifestyle of evangelism that attracts. People must look at OUR lives and ask, what does this mean? As they did on the day of Pentecost when 3000 were added.

It's not JUST our love, it's our outward witness of the Fruit of the Spirit. I will admit in me I fail often, but succeed enough to keep trying.

We must live inside our victory. Daily. Taking up the Cross of Victory and denying that we have anything in ourselves other than that paid in blood. Assuming we have anything to do with this is pride, the sin of plagiarism of God.

So, stop inviting people to church to get saved. If they want to come, don't forbid them. Let them pursue what you possess. Once they have had a taste of the Glory of God they will want more. But first they must see that Glory in YOU!

LIVE IT and they will come. BUILD IT and they may not. There are a lot of big empty megachurch buildings right now to prove that.

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Heart n Hands Inc. said...

Scott Wesley Brown said this a LONG time ago in a song: "Don't go to Church before you Go to Jesus!"

Too much of what is done in the name of evangelism is little more than trying to build our own little kingdom(s).

I personally don't care to participate in that. When I evangelize, I typically give a tract to remind them of the fact that God is reaching out to them... I may give them several different churches in the local area that I know teach soundly.

I leave it up to The Spirit to place them in the Body where it pleases HIM.

That is not to say, I don't invite people to my home church... pastor sends us out to do door to door blitzes.

But I MUCH prefer heart to heart blitzes of when someone is drawn by the spirit and they and I connect. This requires having your antennae up and a willingness to have your day, your morning errands or whatever interrupted for the Kingdom.

I DARE you to try it! You'll be changed and so will others.