Thursday, July 22, 2010

How Real Life Looks in the Prophetic

Last night at GWMI in Chicago was an off the hook experience. What started out as teaching and worship began to migrate to a burning away of the flesh. Then to one person needing deliverance. Then the prophetic flowed.

SOON, the Spirit of God made a call on those who were bound or oppressed by the devil were called... for deliverance.

Deliverance took place. Amazing deliverance. People crying out, manifesting, writhing. The kind of thing you hear about overseas. The kind of thing you read about in the New Testament. But it happened right here in Chicago.

So, what was the plan? Did Apostle Hester decide, "Gee, I think we'll have a deliverance service tonight". Nope, when the Holy Ghost enters a service there is no plan. It's impossible for most churches to do this. The fact that the leadership demands predictability in a church service precludes any action of the Holy Spirit. Oh, there might be a little bit. But, mostly not.

I was thrilled, I have been in services like this before. I love to see the devil defeated. Peggy was a bit freaked out. People responding like this can be a bit disturbing.

SO, why did this happen? There was perfect order in the house. The move of the Spirit and the Fire of God comes when the Apostolic and Prophetic flow together to lay another layer of the firm foundation of the Church.

Yet, when leaders want to control the flow I guarantee NOTHING will happen.
Well things happen when Holy Ghost people move as one.

AS ONE. In Unity. Then the Spirit of God Acts. Last night another chapter was added to the book of Acts of the Holy Spirit. You just read it.

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