Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Church falling apart

From an African Facebook friend. I spruced up the grammar and spelling, but this was his opinion of the church. I think he's on to something.

Churches today are so far in debt as they built new churches that hold 5/600 people; when only 100 show up they are busy trying to survive.They put a financial burden on the their congregations to build these places instead of filling the pews they had first.

Street missionaries work the street where no one else would go. Many inside the church walls say is it is too dangerous (Praise God Jesus didn't think so). The church people spend time fighting over color of paint to use for the church bathrooms while they overlook those outside their doors lost and destined for hell.

I've been to their churches and heard how their leaders have left because they could not lead them any more, because of the self righteousness of the people in the Church. They didn't know what they had done to the man of God that was sent to them. No longer do they want to hear the blood of the lamb, hell fire and brimstone "it's so old and not up to today's thinking." They want to feel good and not bear any shame of how they live in their sin. They have been lied to by false prophets and get rich quick TV evangelists.The world is coming apart yet they have been conformed to it and not transformed from it. They laid down in the middle of the fight and allowed division to come in. Now there is shipwreck.

The church today has fully conformed to the way of the world and not the way of Christ

Falling apart.

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Nicole Dulski said...

Sadly our Brother in Christ is right on with his sharing.

Thanks for posting Gene!