Sunday, July 25, 2010

Benny Hinn - Uresolved Issues will Keep a Ministry from Prospering

Back in February I heard of the impending divorce of Benny Hinn. It grieved me. I knew this would have impacts ANY ministry he would attempt to carry on with a cloud over it. At the time I made a controversial statement that caused a lot of uproar. I advised by the Holy Spirit that until the Divorce was final and healing complete for Benny Hinn, he should stop his public ministry. Sure, meetings could go on, smaller, more intimate, with ministry to and from him by his closest friends. That the large public crusades should stop. This met with much opposition. I stand by what I believe I heard by the Spirit of God. Ministering out of your pain, even if you are Benny Hinn will cause you to become not only less effective but compromised.

Now a result of his continuing to attempt to plow forward has come to pass. When a man is in a situation as he is he must be very diligent to maintain absolute distance from women. Rumors have been spread about a relationship with Paula White. I don't believe them. BUT, the fact that Hinn has attempted business as usual has placed him in this situation.

He has been tainted. Even if it's not true. Even if he is innocent. Even if there isn't a shred of verity in any of the accusations, the taint is there and it will stick. It will influence his ministry. It will color his ability to move forward.

I know some will say, who are you to even question Hinn? I am who I am. I know what the call is. I wish I could have gotten a message to Hinn after the divorce filing. I didn't succeed. I did try.

So, now he must face false accusations. His ministry is less, smaller in people's eyes than it was. IF he had just taken a time off, cut back, stepped aside, just did partner meetings, no crusades, suspend the TV shows, he would be impervious during this time. He was a sitting duck.

It's too late now. The damage is done. He will not be able to unring the bell rung on him. Some will always believe the rumors.

I know it'a a hard stance, but divorce and ministry don't mix. It doesn't mean a divorced person can't be a minister, they just can't while the divorce is in process. They will always preach and teach from the pain they are feeling. IF a pastor or minister is going thru a divorce the MUST step down during the process. Nothing has changed about that truth.

Benny Hinn needs a man like Grady Nutt was to Billy Graham during his crusade days. Grady had permission to say, Dr Graham, I regret to tell you that you are full of crap again. Except rumor has it he didn't say crap. (Robert Townsend, Up the Organization).

Hinn doesn't have other than yes men in his life. No one to look him in the eye with truth. I was once offered the chance to go on staff with a good church. I turned it down. I said, "I wouldn't be a very good prophet if I were to be on staff, I would worry how my next word would affect my paycheck". So I won't and don't.

Benny Hinn NEEDS a prophet around him right now to keep him from the potholes ahead, some of which he dug himself. I don't know who that person will be. Not me for sure.


Timothy Thomas said...

I received this same Word when he announced that he was going to continue. It is like he refused to take a break and that would be submitting to her requests. It was more in defiance than perseverance.

denise g. said...

benny hinn would do well to hear this,,,too bad they sensor his mail so much,,,he may have never got your past letter,,,,he has a great gift of evangelism for sure he could use a prophet word from you.........i saw him cry on tv once he said quietly please God dont ever take away from me the was on a talk show i believe the tremble in his voice was real and then he changed the subject to hide his emotion........would be nice to have a prophet looking out for him,,, got his back wish he knew....God knows your there and with some footwork may connect directly to him sometime....

denise g. said...

benny hinn and paula what a combination spiritually if true but too soon for the connection ,,,,the accusations would destroy,,,,they both are very good friends she stated they are not alone when talking everything is properly....only problem if they ever hooked up the holy spirit.....G:od hates divorce and would be grieved....his ways and thoughts about things are not same as ours.....benny i read is sensative about the feelings of his ex and has wrote her concerning,,,,which shows alot for him as a man,,,,,i hope all this works toward bringing the best world evangelist out in him even more somehow brokeness can stir up a gift,,,,excuse me for saying all this,,,i sense it is sensative for God about him being he is his right hand evangelist for the nations......