Saturday, July 31, 2010

HOLY - by Tim Thomas

In the New Testament. Sometimes when they would go to different places the people would try to worship them as gods and prepare sacrifices to them. The Apostles would rip their clothes and run around trying to show that they were just men and that God did the works. Once the people received the Holy Spirit they realized that they had the same gifts.

Now, in today's society. What is the perspective of God? Of His Righteousness? Of the people that operate in the Gifts? Real, Fake, gods, or humans? Can we accept their humanity and the fact that they have received the Holy Spirit?

They were not holy of themselves but they WERE Holy. Because they were washed in the Blood of Jesus, Sanctified unto every good work and filled with the Holy Ghost.

Today, let us consider sober judgment and conviction. Walking in righteousness as "Saints in the Light." Know that you are a Holy vessel of God and His Spirit. Share that truth and the fact that it is not of yourself but a gift of God.

Every time I hear the statement "I am a sinner saved by grace." I cringe inside. I have actually felt the Holy Spirit move in me with anger. You are no longer a sinner but have been made HOLY. It is a false humility. A SINNER cannot enter into His presence.

Know WHO you are in Christ, the Elect of God, Joint Heirs with Christ, Called to be Saints. Then when you are told to rip your shirt off and demonstrate your humanity you KNOW why, so God receives ALL the Glory.

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