Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Don't fear the Thunder

As I live in Agriculture, I learn to love the rain storms that bring life.

Many times those that have the most life in them are the ones that are the scariest when they happen. Thunder, Lightening, Wind, sometimes hail and all around unpleasantness while it's going on.

The result is new life, growth, vitality, washing away of filth, uncovering stones in the way and a refreshing like nothing else can bring. It even smells right.

Yet the storm is called by the media, bad weather, danger, warning.

There is a storm in the Spirit going on. You see it all around you. Anger. Hatred. Fear. Danger. It's in the media. It's thunder. It's just a reaction to what really happened, the lightening. It's the result of change coming. It's a harbinger and an indicator that the storm is near.

The storm will bring new vitality. The church may or may not take part in this storm. It may just try to stay in the basement and hide from the effects of the storm. Those that do will become even less effective.

Yet the storm will form new growth. This is about the state of our nation. All around we see despair and pain. People angry. It's just thunder.

The real storm comes as rain that washes and exposes, wind that blows away filth, lightening that kills what it strikes.

In the end it will smell better. The world will be different. Like after a large wind, even a tornado, there will be debris to clean up. Branches down, weak structures destroyed. But the result will be a new start.

Remembering the time before the storm will become a useless enterprise. It will be past, long past. And without fruit.

The storm is coming and it will tear down before it builds up. You can do nothing about it.

New life is coming.

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