Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Words of the last few days

There have been words of wisdom and knowledge abundant in the past few days. I thought sharing them would be helpful:

If what you do is about YOUR ministry, YOUR gifting, YOUR kingdom, YOUR strengths it's not God, it's a Spiritual Ponzi Scheme. It must be about People. That's the God Agenda. Apostle John Eckhardt

When flesh takes a fresh revelation and touches it, it becomes so perverted it no longer gives life Apostle John Eckhardt

IF a service doesn't include Miracles, Deliverance, Prophecy, Healing and the supernatural, It's not a church service, it's just a social gathering.
Last Night, Apostle John Eckhardt

A teacher will help you get your facts right, but a SPIRITUAL FATHER will help you get your heart right!!! We have too many teachers and not enough Fathers in the Body of Christ. I read that in a big black book I carry around.

You can't impart what you don't possess. I keep getting this over and over again. Strive to become what others want to receive from you. Be possessed by the Power of God and you will have people asking...How can I have that TOO? It's more than speaking in tongues and dancing turn around. It's living a life of fruitfulness, order, peace, Joy and maturity. Your destiny is tied up in all that. Live your Destiny.

A mate, a person you share life with will double or cut in half your ministry. Look at Solomon. Tremendous destiny. But, he didn't finish well. It was about the wives. For Women, it's double true. Connect with the wrong man and he will trample destiny in your life out of you. There are great Men looking for Great Women. Greatness, even unmanifested will attract greatness. Look for Greatness, not good enough

Every Church's Mission and Purpose should be to get people healed up, delivered and secure in Salvation. After that they need more. Don't be a one trick pony. There is much to be done in the Body of Christ.
  • The key to Spiritual Productivity, not agendas and activity
  • Evangelism as a lifestyle, not a project
  • To be Built Up in the Faith
  • To be prepared for the work of the ministry
  • To have the proper emotional strength to stand persecution
  • To know that You can Make it
  • To know you are not a loser
  • To believe that you are going to win this battle
  • To discover and achieve your purpose
  • Building hope
  • Saving lives
  • Be ready to be sent out to expand the kingdom
  • To live free of religion, needing only Jesus

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