Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Downloaded Vision - A call to Readiness

A week ago this morning I received a strong vision of a "Could Be" for the Body of Christ in our area. I have been an advocate of the 7 mountain strategy of Lance Wallnau. I just don't see a manifestation of it...YET!!

Much of the Body of Christ lives very much hand to mouth and certainly doesn't represent dominion in the seven mountains Lance teaches on. In fact we are weak and inept for the most part. This is NOT as it should be.

The people in our congregations, even the leaders are living hand to mouth, missing their bills, running up credit card balances, finding life a frustration. We sing Jehovah Jirea, but we live in constant need of relief from all kinds of difficulty. Legal, financial, emotional stress caused by lack and fear. Not the victorious view of life as it should be from atop one of the seven mountains.

Yet, Pastors, Prophets, Apostles, Teachers and Evangelists tell truth, God has a plan for our lives, he wants us to be the head and not the tail, he will supply all our needs according to his extravagant riches in Glory, He will give us more than we can ask think or imagine. It's true, but each promise carries a premise. Readiness.

More Frustrating is: many men and women of God have received direct personal prophetic promises that they are going to write best selling books, be wealthy, start businesses, write great music...and a hundred other castles in the sky looking for a foundation. People receive them great joy but without the corespondent caution. These promises lie dormant without preparation and diligence.

The reality is, even when they are true, but they carry an IF. That IF is effectiveness, diligence, wisdom, clarity, perseverance, joy and excellence. That combined with the fruit of a Holy Ghost life which is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; Those things will provide all we need or want.

How do we make the connection to the COULD BE or SHOULD BE in our lives and draw a line that brings us from the AS IS, WHERE IS we find ourselves in right now? After all, the media screams joblessness, Victims, Violence, Pain, Suffering, War and economic depression. The problem is, there is truth to the report. These ARE perilous times, more than in the past. But in Perilous times is when Profit and Destiny are carved. It's the cave of Adullam. You know the story.

People came to King David and his Generals. They were in bad shape. Those that came were at the bottom looking up:
1 Samuel 22:2 And everyone who was in distress, everyone who was in debt, and everyone who was discontented gathered to him..

What a group! God called an unlikely and unique group to David in Adullam cave. These were not the men that David would have chosen for himself, but they were the ones called to him.

These men were in distress. Their own lives weren’t easy or together. They had problems of their own, yet God called them to David at Adullam cave.

These men were in debt. They hadn’t seen a lot of success in the past, and smarted from their past failures. They had problems of their own, yet God called them to David at Adullam cave.

These men were discontented. The Hebrew for discontented is bitter of soul. They knew the bitterness of life, and they were not satisfied with their lives or with King Saul. They wanted something different, and something better, and God called them to David at Adullam cave.

These men would be called later David's Mighty Men of GOD 2 Samuel 23:8-39.

That's exactly where we are today. Many are in debt. Many are discouraged. Many are bitter in life. Many haven't seen much success in life. Some were on the run, in distress, keeping their head down. David didn't preach to them. He showed them how. He led. He kept his eye on the goal.

Not all 400 men who gathered to David at Adullam stuck it out. It got hard. It was long. It was dangerous. But for those who did, they became renowned as mighty.

Just like when Jesus ascended into heaven. There were 500 in attendance at that event. He told them all to go to Jerusalem and wait. To pray. To stick it out. But when the day came, when the mighty power of God came, only 120 were left in that upper room. What happened to the 380? How did they become diverted? They gave up or became distracted.

This is the prophetic call of the hour. We as leaders in the Body of Christ must begin to take those among us who are discouraged, distressed, in debt and help them not only see that there is a better way, but to prepare them to take their rightful place on TOP of one of the seven mountains.

This is not about going to school. This is not about a better anointing. This is about preparation. This is about developing a mindset and skills that will open doors and capitalize on opportunities all around us. Your next breakthrough may be in a connection you already have and as you have that Happy Meal with them, your day will come. Your next opportunity is locked up in you placed there by the power of the Holy Spirit long long ago. You knew it once, you can know it again.

Lebron James did not become the Basketball player he is today by a prophet telling him he would be great, or by an Apostle laying hands on him imparting an anointing to play well, or by an Evangelist praying in tongues for 25 minutes over him and leading him in a prayer, or by a Pastor telling him that he is a good man nor by a Teacher giving him a book on how to play basketball.

All that's good. All is important. He would be less without it. BUT, he became great by good coaching, by training, by being in the game, by love of the play, by a heart for winning, by development of fundamentals of skill.

Work and Business, the manifestation of taking the Seven mountains is exactly like becoming a great ball player. It carries the same requirements. If we succeed we will enjoy the same benefits.

It's time the Body of Christ became what they were intended to become: The head and NOT the tail.

“The will to win is not nearly as important as the will to prepare to win.” That quote has been attributed to Vince Lombardi, Joe Paterno, Bobby Knight and others. No matter who said it, in this case, the call of GOD is to GET READY. The time is now. It's time to take over.


PS: Don't say you are ready if you really aren't prepared, ready to show yourself able and approved. Readiness in military terms means, trained, armed, purposed, disciplined, positioned and connected.

Get Ready - It's the fullness of time for those who are.

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