Thursday, June 17, 2010

How do you know if a person is a true prophet?

If a person is a true Prophet, their lives are a demonstration.

I don't have to demonstrate my gender. People can see it. They know it. I respond to situations like a man. I do things as a man. I don't have to demonstrate my manliness unless I am unsure of it. If people wonder, is Gene a MAN? Be around me for a bit, and you will know.

The same of the Prophetic. If my life isn't infused and saturated by my DNA as a Prophet, if you have to wonder, if I have to demonstrate it to prove it, if I am concerned that you need to know of it by some dog and pony show then it brings into question the fullness of the Gift I carry.

I can no more change the call of God on my life than I can change my Gender.

I can squander it however. I can not use the gift. I can quench the Spirit in me. I can stay silent. I can become distracted by drugs, sex and Rock and Roll. I can even claw my way to hell. I'll still be a prophet, just a prophet in hell. I'd be a man in hell. I'd be a Prophet in hell.

The same of the Apostolic. If you are one, you just are. You don't have to try. It's your Spiritual DNA. You don't have to prove it. You are an Apostle because you carry the marks and measures of a true Apostle. I have known some who are destined for greatness and had the call of the Apostle all over them. Yet, for one reason or another, (usually fear of man) they have squandered the Apostolic gift they carry. They will go to the grave with the unfulfilled call of God on their life. The world will be a lesser place because they did not fully manifest the Gift in them.

A true prophet is supernaturally insulated from the fear of man. He or she has the same regard for man that God does (no respecter of persons). It's a gift. An Apostle doesn't carry that gift. He wants to exercise his authority therefore he wants to please others to accomplish it. The fear of man becomes a snare.

A few true Apostles overcome this, but it is a constant struggle. I have seen it over and over and over again.

If you need to see some demonstration from someone to illustrate the apostolic or prophetic calling and office, you probably don't have an apostle or prophet on your hands.

No one needs to ask, you just are one.


Ron McK said...

How does this manifest in your current and previous works situations?

prophetic expression...denise g. said...

i like that prophet guy who came to the revival center, he said stop waiting for someone to call out your anointing, just do it, start doing it. get on your face before God and nurture build on your gift.....go do it he told us...selah...

prophetic expression...denise g. said...

i like that prophet guy who came to the revival center, he said stop waiting for someone to call out your anointing, just do it, start doing it. get on your face before God and nurture build on your gift.....go do it he told us...selah...

Gene said...

Ron, That is a long long story. It happens every day. Maybe I will write on it. Most of the time I never have to say a word about the call and yet it comes out.

I think that's where it's the most evident, in work and daily interactions with people.

Thanks for asking. It's good to reflect on these things.

Ron McK said...

I do not mean giving words to people you encounter. I mean how does it change the way that you work. Has has it influenced your successes in business or contributed to your failures?

Gene said...

To answer your question Ron, When I have heard the voice of the Spirit and obeyed, I have prospered. When I have closed my ears, I have not. I have been a Millionare twice. And nearly broke Three times. I'm guessing you already knew that.

It's about having a sense of what will be, and acting on it. As I get older I measure more carefully.

So, the prophetic has been a great help, WHEN I LISTEN.

It is interesting, I have often been able to give good advice to OTHERS based on the word of the Lord. It's harder for myself.

Hope that answers your question.

Ron McK said...

That sort of answers, but what you said about listening and obeying applies to all Christians, and in theory that should be easier for someone prophetic. Did being prophetic contribute to your business failure. Were you in unity in business with other callings that would provide the balance to your gifting, as I describe in my post. I can understand how an apostolic business person can rush ahead in business and get into trouble. I always thought prophetic business people would be a bit more cautious, so I am slightly puzzled by your experience.

Gene said...

I was Not always in Unity with other callings. The best deal I was ever in, Northern Data, I had a man as a partner who was good at analysis and meter. I was visionary and forward thinking. We complemented one another. And made a lot of money.

The biggest failure I ever had was because I brought a man in as COO with a manipulative heart. It took me a while to realize what he was doing. I had prophetic warnings but under the pressure didn't respond. Too much money on the line. Eventually I did. All was restored after I did.

In my work life I have made several people very wealthy. I have not been that for myself. I asked the Lord about this, He said it was protection. He would provide. He has.

Yet, I have investment bankers who call me for what I see coming, not as an economist, that's your gig, as a Prophet. And it's been profitable for them.

I am protected from being influenced by the money when I am NOT in a position to win or lose from a vision of the future.

Like Jeremiah I was called from the womb. Most Prophets are. Yet, I was at the plow like Elisha and had to be called away. I have burned the plow and oxen. He will provide.

Most Prophets will tell you the same thing. It's OK. Let me ask you this, if I could trade on the gifting and make me wealthy wouldn't I be profaning the gift?

Would I trade wealth for the gift? NOPE. I am content.

Ron McK said...

Thanks for your honest answer,Gene.
I do not think that prophets should trade on their gifting.

However, being a prophet does not produce good offerings, unless you are a yes man, so most prophets will have to earn their living either as an employee or self employed. I am interested in how that works out.

I can see how a prophetic person can be make business, because they are over confident that they know the future.

Gene said...

I have not been always able to see what is coming, but some things are more difficult than others. I am glad I have the ability to see beyond my ability. It keeps me safe, unless I am belligerent.

Heart n Hands Inc. said...

Good stuff. Yep- a tree is a tree is a tree is a tree... different kinds of trees- just as their are different motivational gifts that lie at the heart of the operation of the 5 fold- Elijah being straight Prophetic Prophet while Elisha operated from a compassion gift as a prophet. Both were prophets...

Scripture tells us let all things be done in love... even as we walk in our calls it is always for restoration, edification, equipping... and should always point people back to Jesus.

Thanks Gene for the post. Blessings.

Anonymous said...

April 28, 2011

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jehovah yeshua said...

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