Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Rejection - The Prophet Jeremiah - A word from Denise Gansmann

Denise has been a long time corespondent. I saw this word and felt like it would speak to someone. It did to me.

Generational curses have a way of trying to awaken again through blame and accusations in the family. I understand the pain of past hurts; having at times of past felt abandonment issues from both parents, I realized it was not personal but a result of their own struggles with addiction or mental emotional displacements at the time.

I look at the experiences of Jeremiah the prophet to rise above rejection, into purpose and vision. As I read the book of Jeremiah I see the constant rejection he received from the people. He is no stranger to the pain for he says " I am afraid of their rejections". In Jeremiah's message is given hope to reform, change, restore. There are times the whole city rejects him even placing him in humiliation in the arm stocks, and placing him in a mud cistern. The abandonment is deep, but with Jeremiah it is only a abandonment to God, and he will suffer any amount to just get the people to a place of hearing the word from God that would save them, to warn them of the fall of the city, to bring a chance for restoration. He tries to get them to a place to see that their rejections are only a root of their own rebellion and indifference toward God.

Jeremiah's rejections have a purpose, a visionary word on the edge molding him secretly into a leader, reformer, Prophet and Restorer of man. All his rejections are thrust upon him since birth and only thru affliction is he chosen as Prophet. He is torn, abandoned and punished. He learns human nature enough now to strive to move the people forward to reform and changes leading to restoration of city and families. This prophesying is divine purpose and powerful...."Direction not rejection", if we could in our own rejections touch this....God does not deliver Jeremiah out of the rejection, he is placed in it where he prophesies powerfully.....reform, change and so the complete destruction of the city does not happen. He is moved to speak further from God in Jeremiah ch. 30, "Your hurt is incurable, your wound grievous, there is none to help you, I will restore health to you and your wounds i will heal ". There is hope to a seemingly incurable conditions. Stripped of all human resources before they were prepared to turn to the healing that only God could provide. "Direction not Rejection". Reading Jeremiah is hauntingly beautiful, moving, the experience of rejection is to the full but with the Prophet it is redeemed to purpose and spoken out over the people and families to bring reform and restoration. His unselfishness is focused to warn and save the city from ruin. I am moved to his focus as powerful......interceding over the city....he is compassionate, all to familiar with the hearts and nature of man having experienced himself many rejections and pains...always on the edge of a lamentation but never far from redemption.........selah.

At the end Jeremiah is given a safe place to hide in the guards quarters, the guard believes in his prophesy and together they watch the city burn as all the previous prophecies start to come to pass. There are some rumors and archaeological findings that the Prophet Jeremiah fled eventually to Egypt on ship and then to Ireland for the rest of his days. I want to think perhaps it was true that he found some rest from all the years of rejection in the emerald quiet grassy meadows of Ireland...........

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