Saturday, June 12, 2010

Duties of the Prophet

I saw this. Thought it worth considering. It's from 10 DIMENSIONS OF THE APOSTOLIC & 7 PRESENT TRUTH PRINCIPLES OF APOSTLES & PROPHETS.

It was all interesting but the part about what the Prophet is supposed to be for the Apostle is worth reading. The rest of the article is worthy as well. But, I guess as a Prophet when you have a Prophetic hammer, everything looks like an apostolic nail.

Prophets speak life into apostles, gives prophetic direction, revelation, and encouragement, translating the word of God in the heavenlies into earthly endurance and divine expectation. The prophet’s counsel carries a depth and degree not often found in the general masses of church counseling. Prophets helps the apostle through prayer and intercession, word of knowledge, and a fresh and seasoned prophetic word {such as the case with Haggai and Zechariah with Zerrubabbel and Jeshua. Prophets helps stabilizes apostles, especially since the apostle has a potential of becoming too rigid, pragmatic, and too practical in governmental matters. Therefore, apostles needs fresh fire and waves of the Spirit to flow in his or her midst ever keeping their hearts open to the voice of the Lord, even in appointed others.

Apostles may sometimes struggle in the area of patience {2 Corinthians 12:12}. Because of their motivation towards government, divine and spiritual order, and pioneering revelation, apostles can potentially become a bit frustrated over others as the people fail to embrace and to walk out the apostolic revelation. If not put into check and balance, apostles can get locked in over various attitudes and aspects of corporate church life that could actually hurt many. A wrong attitude can potentially arise over the deep need to see governmental spiritual order, submission, and proper spiritual alignment. Therefore, prophets can assist apostles in helping them to steer their motivation to the glory of the Lord.

Note: Jezebel is perhaps the greatest enemy to the prophets. But with every Jezebel mentality, force, spirit, or mindset, there is an Ahab nearby, a weak leadership, a weak link, or passive leadership which permits Jezebel to flourish. Jezebel is married {but does not act like it}, for her name means {chaste}. She is a covenant breaker, and a Zidonian priestess. She carries an independence {which is dependence on her own}, and is a slayer of God’s prophets. She hates the Elijah ministry unto this present hour 1 Kings 19-21; Malachi 4:4-6

So, when you reject or refuse to embrace the revelation, restoration, and recognition, as well as the receiving, releasing, and the reward of the apostle and prophet {or apostolic and prophetic dimension}, you open the door for potential Antichrist {substitute} and Jezebel values, beliefs, and mentalities which breed contempt, confusion, jealousy, strife, the works {of the flesh that is}, performance, competition, Diotrephes, and much more. When we reject the apostolic and prophetic spirit, or deny their place in the progression of God’s Kingdom and the Corporate
Anointing, we become open for other possibilities or multiple personalities which can result in the intimidation, manipulation, and domination of many sincere people which sense a rekindling of HIS desire and acquire HIS fire, and the fresh voice of the Lord for HIS present administration.} 1 Samuel 8, Luke 11:49-52

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Awesome post on the tasks and duties of the apostle and prophet.