Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Prophetic Warning to Barack Obama like King Nebuchadnezzar Received

With all that is going on in the world, with the economy in tatters, oil spewing in the gulf, spies, polarization and murder in the streets Barack Obama has had a vision.

Let's go back a couple years in history. You remember his election. Many called him a messiah. He even joked about it at a White House dinner. Not that he was, but that people called him such.

For a long time he basked in the glory of his new found adulation. It was at that point that he had a dream. A dream that was a foretelling of hard days to come. To avoid this future he found people like himself to surround and advise him. Many of those people were people with similar backgrounds to his own. Scholastics, academics, idealists, government career people.

He was careful. The dream haunted him. He said to himself, "if I do not deviate I can do this." That is why he has been so careful with the TelePrompter. He has wanted NOT to be found saying or doing things that could bring accusation against his leadership.

He started with pride, like King Nebuchadnezzar . But Like King Nebuchadnezzar he has been warned. Pride is pure plagiarism of God. Lately he has been reminded of the dream of warning.

He has become uncomfortable in his shoes. The coolness with which he governed is rattled. The pressure is under his skin. He is not handling it well. He has the facts, the facts are easy to find, they are everywhere. There just isn't any wisdom. The wisdom that comes from being fathered well and from knowing the father of all fathers has been lacking in his life from birth. That is why he often makes proposals from facts and not from wisdom. He lacks Godly wisdom.

Now Father is saying to Barack Obama, "if you lack wisdom, ask of me and I will give you freely."

He is also saying as he said to Nebuchadnezzar, unless you bow the knee and repent of your dependence on other than ME I will humble you. Your portion will be to lose your right mind for a time. You will see yourself cut off.

He is also saying to Barack Obama, "you were selected to pave the way for greatness for those called of my name from the community from which you and your wife came. I will not allow you to destroy that legacy. They are more important and I have a place for them that you must not spoil. There are those who would say we tried that once and it didn't work, when the next man or woman with similar heritage emerges on the platform of potential leadership."

President Obama, repent, bow the knee. Your presidency is now on the balance. You have been weighed and found wanting. The experience and ability you do not yet posses can become yours supernaturally if you will submit yourself to the Anointing of the Holy Spirit. It's a gift that comes from humility alone. Turn from your prideful ways and wicked advisers.

Wisdom will come when you no longer look to false advisers and confidants. They do not know the Lord of Glory. You do, but He wants you to know him even better.

You have received this dream, this vision, this warning. You know it is true. The decision is now yours.

Your future, Your presidency, our nation and even our world depends on you making the right spiritual decisions.

Bow the knee. Repent Mr President. Put away False Pride. God is God and he will share his glory with NO MAN. Not you. Not anyone. Pride goes before a fall, yours is right at the door.

If you love this country and hate the enemy of our souls, it's time to Pray for Barack Obama. Pray for him to enter fully into the kingdom of God, not as a King, but as a good and faithful one.


Ron McK said...

You obsession with Obama and Palin will prevent you from becoming a true prophet. You idolisation of presidential power could easily choke the life from you ministry.

Of course Obama is mediocre, as was Bush, Clinton and Reagan. Palin would be mediocre. Most of them have been mediocre, except for those like Wilson and Roosevelt who did evil.

The problem is not with these mediocre manipulators of power, but with the people who put their faith in presidential power and uniting states. The enemy leverages political power to punch above his weight. Kings join together to oppose the Lord. The idea that Obama was “selected to pave the way for greatness’ is blasphemy. That is the role of the Holy Spirit.

Gene said...

I didn't say that Obama was selected to pave the way for greatness, this is a theme that flows thru much of the prophetic voices in this time. I sense the same thing.

Obama broke a color barrier, that much is certain, in that way he has opened a door that greater than him of the same ethnic heritage can walk thru. The problem is his lack of ability hurts that.

Many reliable prophetic people have prophesied that from the African American community will arise the next great revival spiritually and politically.

Obama isn't it, but I have the same sense. It would be just like Father to take the most discouraged group of people and cause them to prosper in this way. It's just the way he does things.

denise g..at..prophet news watch said...

have you both heard about the executive order signed by obama, creates structure of military martial law???? the 10 govs signef it approached by the president obama. it will respond to the fema regions under defense and a system of regional military gov's, read carefully sect 2. functions...understand that this executive order decision directive 51 will be used to eventually distroy the constitution and bill of rights and submit each american into subject controll by regional military govs. read the web pdf filed on it..the executive order...the iron fist of military directed by the president may eventually wipe out the bill of rights and change laws and times...

Anonymous said...

This is strange and that's why I did a search on Obama and Nebuchadnezzar. I found your site and want to share with you what God showed me . . .
Three months ago, the Lord woke me at 3:30 a.m. and I saw, as if on a video screen, Obama grazing with animals. I was stunned and asked, "How, Lord?" No answer. Two weeks later I again awoke at 3:30 a.m and another vision appeared. It was a debate between Obama and Romney. When Romney answered a question, Obama got up adn tried to strangle Romney. It was a disaster of a scene.

I began to pray for Romney's protection and didn't watch the debates because of those visions, but I did watch snippets on FoxNews. After the third debate I noticed a post on worldnetdaily.com regarding Obama's demeanor. This is what the author of that post wrote:

"Obama was like a trained-pitbull just waiting to grab hold of Romney's jugular vein and rip his throat-out which I am sure is what he had been well-coached to attempt to do--so that he would be unanimously declared the debate winner. Too bad Romney never gave Obama the opportunity he was so anxiously awaiting. However, it appeared that Obama was almost drooling all-over himself in anticipation of the anticipated kill."

I believe when Obama said, as Nebuchadnezzar said, "You didn't build that," it was not just people he was speaking about. It was a subtle statement to God that He didn't build this nation . . . and that squares with all that you have said.