Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Secret to Accessing the Great Wealth Transfer Coming...You can be Rich!

How will the transfer of wealth from the wicked to the Righteous manifest itself? There is a secret and I'm about to reveal it to you by the Holy Spirit. Read this whole thing.

In an earlier Post I described the situation as it would appear when the wealth of the Wicked laid up for the Righteous would be transferred. I have heard about this for years. Now it's become clear how this will happen. It's good that we consider how this will take place. Many good Christians have come to the conclusion that somehow the wicked will just wake up one day and send us all a check. I mean they can afford it, they could just mail it in. Right?

I have bad news. It's not going to happen that way. It's going to be given to those who God can trust. He WILL withhold it from those who are not prepared to multiply it for good in the kingdom. Too many churches have gone into bankruptcy by trying to fleece the sheep to accomplish their goals...not God's goals. This wealth transfer doctrine has done damage because it's not understood.

So how will it happen? Let's first look at how it will NOT happen.

  • Playing the Lottery. A lot of wicked people play the lottery, right. So it stands to reason that playing the lottery would be a way God might use to transfer wealth. Maybe. I don't see that in practice. It doesn't happen that way. I don't see any record of it. In fact most people who play the lottery and win end up backslidden or shipwrecked. I'm not saying it couldn't happen, but it doesn't appear as if it's the way it does or will.
  • Taxing the rich so the government can send all those rich people's money to YOU. THIS is a delusion that many good Christians believe. What they don't understand is that government delivers so very little of the funds it collects to the people they purport to serve. In fact, Government never really net helps anyone. It's all smoke and mirrors. The government, Obama, can't help you and he isn't going to send you any money. If you believe that government is part of the wealth transfer, you are worshiping a false god.
  • Multi-Level marketing. There is a place for a good business practice for believers, Multilevel marketing isn't among them. In my 6+ decades of existence on the earth I have never yet met anyone who really made a sustainable income or fortune in MLM. It's an illusion. I'm talking about someone who I knew who got into it and then became self supporting or wealthy. It has only served to impoverish people I have known, making them prisoners of Hope ending up leading to hopelessness and laying waste their powers of ability by illusion.
  • Hoping someone will die and leave you a huge inheritance. It does happen, sometimes, but not often and unless you know of someone who is going to do this for you, it's not likely going to happen to or for you. Government taxes are more and more onerous to take the money away from heirs. It's become an illusion that somehow this will happen. I have seen many well meaning Christians live in hope that there would be money there someday. Hope deferred. And the heart becomes sick.
  • Making money from suing someone. Lawsuits are won by lawyers and lost by the plaintiff and defendant. No one else.
  • Shady or even illegal business deals. It's tempting to think that just one more "Deal" will set you for life, besides that's a wealth transfer from the wicked, isn't it? There is reward and punishment. Sowing and reaping. You will be discovered and it will all be taken from you. Shrewd crooked dealings become their own negative reward.
  • Some big pay government job. Sure, people get them, but they last until the guy you work for is voted out, then you are too. The big Pensions that you hear about are about to become vapor as the economy contracts. False gods.
  • Putting it all on RED. The legendary story of the man who walked into a Vegas Casino and placed all his life's possessions converted to money on RED at the roulette table. It came up red and he doubled his money. Cashed it in and walked out. DID HE receive the wealth of the wicked? For a bit...the rest of the story is that if he played again and again he lost it all anyway. There are Vegas gamblers that do well, but they are playing games of skill not gambling. The poker you see on TV is a high skill game. Not luck. Certainly not wealth transfer by fiat.
  • God supernaturally just making money appear in your checking account, on your doorstep, as jewels manifested that you sell for great money. Long ago there were alchemists who promised they could turn lead into Gold. They are still among us, in the church. To be fair, I have SEEN gold teeth manifest in a person's mouth in a meeting in DeKalb IL a few years ago. It shook me up. It can happen, but to wait around passively for God to phone it in to you is deception. IF he chose to do so, it's up to Him. He will bless who He chooses to bless. If you are already operating in his blessing you will experience this. BUT: This is NOT the wealth transfer. This is something else.

Easy money, someones else's effort, other people's money schemes are useless fantasies. The idea that the wealth of the WICKED will transfer because of passive effect is demonic delusion sent to render you inert. I know many who believe that if they just pray and do nothing that somehow God will honor them and they will be recipients of the transfer. I wish it were true. If we look at the Parable of the Talents we do NOT see that happening. In fact, the one with FIVE seems to have hustled pretty good. So what kinds of wealth transfers can we look forward to? How can we cash in on the great wealth transfers coming?

The resetting economy and it's wreckage will produce new opportunities. It will take wisdom to see it. There is were we must pray. We must have wisdom to know that which is set aside, as wealth of the wicked, for US. We must have Godly Counsel. We must know the heart of the matter. If it's hard it may be God. He expects diligence from us to reap gain, not easy money. His goal for us is to ultimately be providers of Jobs, not job seekers. Let's be creators of wealth, not consumers of it.

IF God's purpose is to place you at a Job, then his purpose is to have you work hard at the job, to be the most diligent in the company such that when promotion and elevation comes you are the obvious choice. That is what happened with Daniel. It should happen with us. Spirit Filled Christians at any workplace should be the most wise, hard working, diligent, showing up on time, working overtime, dedicated, innovative, able, peace filled people on the job. Not all are. But that is God's will.

There is no question that over the centuries God has poured the wealth of the Wicked into his Chosen People's hands. The Jews. How did that happen? If you want a great doctor, does a Jewish name give you comfort? How about an effective Lawyer? If he has a Jewish name doesn't that make you feel better (if he's on your side)? And look at the Land of Israel. It was a mess 60 years ago. Rocks and Scrub brush. Now look at it. Blooms in the Desert.

How did the Jews of the world inherit the wealth of the wicked? Thru diligence, education, dedication and the belief that God was in their work and purposes (on their side). Now we as the grafted in should be part of this. To do so however means we much apply the same formula they did. Work. Diligence. Creativity.

It's time to stop the foolishness in the Body of Christ by empty wishing and hoping. To stop playing a games of divination regarding finance. We must become competent. Skilled. Able.

There are Wicked Financial Giants (Goliaths) in the world that need slaying. David slew his Goliath because he had developed excellent skills. He had killed a Lion and a Bear. He came up against the Giant with confidence in his ability and in his God who anointed that ability.

Many Christians see big money, great giants in the land and believe they should have some of that. BUT they have not developed the ability to slay even the little lions or bears in their lives yet. They blame all kinds of things that hold them back. Age, Health, Education, Race, Geography, Politics, bad marriage, poor job market and a hundred other things. The problem is the Church isn't much help. It doesn't support the idea that you must lean to kill the bears and lions in your life before you get into the "giant slaying" business. I know many good Christians who pray hard but don't work hard at anything. How can God prosper you or give you ability if you don't ever do anything? Even if the only job was washing dishes, bus boys come from dishwashers, waiters come from bus boys, shift supervisors come from waiters, managers come from shift supervisors, owners rise out of managers and titans of a huge chain of restaurants emerge from owners with vision and developed skill. Yet many are waiting to get that Owners place without slaying any bears or lions.

There is a philosophy among some in the church that they can bribe God. Give a hundred dollars and a thousand will show up in a week or two. I heard a Television Preacher say almost exactly that. That's pure and simple divination, Ouija board stuff. God HONORS giving. I believe and preach that. We just don't know how he does it. Many times by preservation, many times by miracles. God honors faithfulness in giving. Not bribery.

Most preachers who abuse their congregations to get money are poor, most are destitute in spite of their spiritual teaching bravado. Broke. They see their ministry as their source. Another false god.

I have known a few great Men of God who worked in the ministry their whole life and NEVER took a dime from the ministry. Never. Built great churches of Thousands. Could have taken a big salary. But since they were proficient in other ways such that they never needed it nor wanted to be chained to a big tither walking out the door. One pastor that I knew planted a little church in Naperville that blossomed into a Church of 2000 and he lived in the same house he did the day he started the church and drove a used Buick till the day he died. The pastor that followed him now earns $200,000 per year. The church is not better. Just different.

By the Spirit, I admonish you; Become what God designed you to be. Be the best you can possibly be. When you know by the Spirit what to do, start that business, buy that asset, work hard, kill your lions and bears, listen to the Spirit of God for his hidden treasures and witty inventions. He will provide. You will not go short. You will be graced in ways you never imagined. And as you do, you will prosper in ways greater than you can ask or think. Hear the Voice of the Prophet and prosper. You are already established, stable, on site, but you are not prospering. Hear from God. He will use the prophets to speak life to your destiny.

That is the true wealth of the wicked laid up for YOU.


Anonymous said...

Gene...I enjoyed the article.
Thanks and be blessed!

Ron McK said...

Good Stuff.
There is a lot of nonsense spoken on this topic. If you have cut through it.

Anonymous said...

This is very uplifting. God bless you for being obedient in giving it.

george said...

thanks for your enlightment, great blessing to me.

Anonymous said...

This is the unadulterated word of God. This is sound doctrine. This is bible. This is the truth. God bless you sir. Keep it up!!!