Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Learning to Live by the Brook Cherith after Divorcing Baal

A lot of people are doing battle in the spirit with the world system, the Baal system. Tear it down they say. I divorce you Baal, they say. With decrees. With pronouncements. It's good but there is a HUGE BUT!

We must be aware of the resultant physical manifestation in this action. God wants us divorced from dependence on the Baal system. He wants the Altars to Baal taken out of the Church. He wants the control that Baal has over His people to be broken. Of that I am certain.

Even though Father wants us free from the Baal system to live in the economy of God, most Christians do not comprehend what it will mean or How that will manifest. What will result? In fact I will go so far as to say that if they DID they would have second thoughts about signing the divorce papers.

When you divorce Baal, you set out to marry God...forsaking all others, cleaving only onto HIM.

That means you will be extracted from the world system supernaturally. It will be wrenching. Credit goes away. Debt chases you like Jezebel chased Elijah. She is trying to kill you. She wants to keep you under her control.

Suddenly, you are cut off. Finding that the old systems no longer work like they did. They dry up. Like the brook does. The ravens stop coming. That in between time is over. You have chosen to take one foot out of the realm of Baal and place it firmly in the Kingdom of Heaven.

When all that comes down you will need a word on what to do next. If you go back to Baal she will welcome you with open arms and then stab you in the back.

Her desire is to see you dead, in bondage, inert.

You can't go back. You can go to Zarephath. The most unlikely provision, upside down, a starving widow with a child will be the vehicle for your future. God will show himself mighty and you will live in provision direct from the Throne. No Baal. Supernatural.

That's God's plan for you. That's his desire. I speak by the Spirit of God to say, few will be able to walk in this. When the ravens stop coming, when the pressure is too great they will put one foot back into the Baal system. Cheating on their new Husband with the Ex as it were. Freedom from Baal is only for those with enough spiritual maturity to handle it.

Divorce in this case must be true divorce: it is painful, it is wrenching, it may even destroy you if you are not ready.

Be ready to flee to the brook for a time and then get ready to learn to live in supernatural multiplication when the brook dries up and the ravens stop coming.

It's the Father's will for those who are ready to bear it.

Be Ready!

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