Thursday, March 4, 2010

Prophetic Symbolism of Spring

I see Jesus in everything. So, it will come as no surprise that as the weather warms I see Jesus in the change of seasons.

Winter has been long and cold. It looked clean, snow covered, even pretty sometimes but now in the intense light of day it has changed. The world looks brown and dirty. Under the snow was hidden a great deal of refuse, filth, decay and ugliness.

As the heat of the day proceeds, there comes a time when the snow is all gone. The world holds promise but it looks pretty bad. Cleaning, picking up, throwing away, spring cleaning.

Even after a good raking and cleaning it looks a little better but it's not enough to erase the scars left in the lawn by the snowplow. That takes even more work.

Yet the rains come. The warmth of the Sun. And new growth begins. Flowering. It becomes a new day. A different day. It's the NEW growth that covers and changes the face of the landscape around us all.

Yet, it came on the heels of a dark cold time.

This is the beginning of new. Old things are passing away. The remembrance of the cold and brown days are gone.

This is how our life is as well. We come from one season to another, the Heat and LIGHT of the SON burns away all the coldness. That exposes the refuse of sin, some left over, some not yet dealt with. It looks pretty tough for a while. But growth comes. Newness of life. The Rain of His Spirit falls on us. It prepares for growth that allows us to forget the former days and live in the light of HIM.

Springtime of the Soul... Needs, Heat, SONSHINE, and Rain.

Let it rain, Let it rain. Open the Floodgates of Heaven...Let it rain.

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