Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Blink Christians in Prophecy

Last night driving home from a meeting at Wheaton I got a call from a Prophet friend in North Dakota. He was talking to me of Markets and Ministry. I told him about my Selah time in considering carefully the mode and methods of the Prophetic Ministry I am called of.

I told him of my frustration with people, many of whom are prophetic, who are impulsive and quick to speak. I said that I don't understand how you can just line people up and prophecy over them without seeking God, inquiring of the Lord. O sure you can give them a "God Loves you a lot....NEXT" ---word. It would be good, but to really hear from God takes time in the Spirit.

Sometimes a lot of time.

When I am ministering in the prophetic I am careful and unless I have a word, I won't give it.

Instant BLINK prophecies are not of God. Can be, but seldom are.

Sure, sometimes in the rambling of many words a few can hit the mark, but most of the time it's just rambling.


Today David Wilkerson published a word on this which is powerful and needs to be reviewed. He calls out the BLINK mentality in the Church and particularly in Pentecost.

SURE, sometimes I get a download and it only takes a second. God's ISP is very very fast. Yet, I know that unless I have prayed and settled it in my Spirit it's just sound.

And it must be seasoned with love.

I hope you will read all of what David Wilkerson says:


Many Christians read the Bible regularly, believing it is God’s living, revealed Word for their lives. Over and over in the pages of Scripture, they read about generations who heard the voice of God. They read of God speaking to his people again and again, with this phrase repeated time after time: “And God said…” Yet many of these same Christians live as though God doesn’t speak to his people today.

An entire generation of believers has come to make decisions completely on their own, without praying or consulting God’s Word. Many simply decide what they want to do, and then ask God to validate it. They move ahead forcefully, their only prayer being, “Lord, if this is not your will, then stop me”

We are now living in a time referred to as the “blink generation.” People are making major decisions in the blink of an eye. A best-selling book has been written on this concept, titled Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking. The theory is, “Trust your instincts. Blink-of-the-eye decisions prove to be the best.”

Think about all the hurried-up “blink language” we hear every day: “This is an offer of the century. You can make a bundle overnight. But you have only a short window of opportunity. Get on it now!” The driving spirit behind it all is, “Blink, blink, blink!”

Such thinking has begun to infect the church, affecting the decisions made not just by “blink Christians” but by “blink ministers.” Scores of bewildered parishioners have written to us telling the same story: “Our pastor came back from a church-growth conference and immediately announced, ‘As of today, everything changes.’ He decided we would become one of the popular trend churches overnight! He didn’t even ask us to pray about it...we’re all confused.”

Just a few years ago, the watchword among Christians was, “Did you pray about this matter? Have you sought the Lord concerning it? Are your brothers and sisters surrounding you in prayer? Have you received godly counsel?” I ask you, has this been your practice? In the past year, how many important decisions have you made where you honestly took the matter to God and prayed sincerely? Or, how many of those decisions did you make “in the blink of an eye”? The reason God wants full control of our lives is to save us from disasters—which is exactly where most of our “blink decisions” end up.

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