Saturday, March 13, 2010

Filled with the Holy Ghost and Fire

When a person is Baptized in the Holy Ghost things change. Not feelings. Real change.

For me and many others Holy Ghost Baptism manifests a bigger change than when we were saved. Being saved moved me from Death to Life. The Baptism in the Holy Ghost made salvation and sanctification tangible.

The Baptism of the Holy Ghost brings hope. It’s a new dimension of life in God as new hope is manifested. That hope will change the level of Persistence for MORE of God. During the last move of God the words, More Lord were a manifestation of this persistent hunger.

There are many manifestations from the Baptism in the Holy Ghost that we must be aware of and partake in. They are a the Promise of the Father…. Jesus is the Baptizer but the Father is the one who Promised HIM to come.

There are a few most people will accept readily:

Faith…. As we pray in Tongues, as we pray in the Holy Ghost our faith will increase. When I am going into a tough circumstance in ministry, particularly regarding spiritual opposition, I will pray in Tongues.

Prayer….Praying in my prayer language the language of God and Heaven releases me to become more a man of prayer than I was before I was Baptized in the Spirit. I can pray as the Spirit leads. My mind is unprofitable. But my spirit prays. I am a conduit for Him. I don't have to come up with what to Pray about, I can just pray. The devil can't understand what I pray. I am able to pray in Spirit given Utterance. It confuses the enemy. Drives him away. He hates it when people pray in tongues. Whatever the Devil hates, I'm in favor of.

Fellowship… When I pray in tongues I am aware of the presence of God in my life by the presence of the Holy Spirit. I no longer feel alone. He is right there with me. In me. Beside me. Guiding me. Leading me. So close I can touch him..not physically. In the Spirit. I'm surrounded. I'm covered. I'm continually Baptized. How wonderful it all is.

Unity….When I pray with other Spirit Filled believers in the Spirit there is a unity that comes that may not happen if we prayed in English. I have had prayers that I have been part of where I didn’t agree with what was being prayed. Not wanting to be disruptive I stayed silent. But when many of us pray together in tongues there is a bond of unity as the Spirit prays thru us. I have had people say that the Gift of Tongues was the undoing of the curse from the Tower of Babel. It may be true. I have prayed with people from around the globe in four continents, couldn't speak a word with them, but as we prayed in the Spirit the language barrier fell. Unity ensued. I am convinced that any call for unity without the Baptism of the Holy Ghost is a counterfeit. We pray with out Spirit. Not with understanding.

I will explain more in the next section.

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