Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sometimes the Lord Speaks to me by Music...Secular Music

I love good Christian Music as much as the Next good Christian.

Sometimes, however, a secular song can have a catch phrase in it that Father uses to speak a truth to me...and maybe you.

That happened to me in the past few days. I was driving with Peggy and a song came on the radio. An obscure song. But, the refrain grabbed me right away. It spoke to me. It said, "Hear what I'm Saying!"

At first I thought it was just me. THEN, I realized that there was a truth I failed to grasp. One Father was trying to convey.

The refrain says. "You can't put your arms around a memory, don't try".

As time goes on I have more memories. I can repose in the past easily. Many good things back there. People. Experiences. It's an easy place to go. Too easy.

Going there too much can cause me to forget to live in today. Forget to press on. Forget that the people around me right now need a word of encouragement. They need arms around them. I might be the only set of arms they have. Maybe I hugged them once. But, "You can't put your arms around a Memory".

I was with aged relatives. I hugged. I remember hugging them as we left. I remember hugging my uncle Alvin the last time.

You can't put your arms around a memory.

IF I see someone today who I care about, they are getting a hug, memory isn't as good.


GingerTice said...

Praise God! What He told you I needed to hear SO MUCH as well! Thank you for writing here! I can't remember how I found your blog but I am enjoying it so much! God bless you!

Heart n Hands Inc. said...

Hey my friend- hugs to you and I hope from you!

Reminds me of an old folk song by the New Christy Minstrels called "Today." This verse fits right in with what you are saying...

"I can't be contented with yesterday's glories
I can't live on promises winter to spring
This is my moment and now is my story
Who cares what tomorrow will bring"

Carpe Diem my friend. Tomorrow is not promised- so we must live well for Christ THIS day.

Love and hugs.