Monday, March 15, 2010

Speaking Healing - The Power of Words

As a Prophet I have become more and more aware of the power of words. That what we say changes the atmosphere.

Sometimes God will do something to confirm his word that may have moved his hand.

Never is it more true than in Healing and being Healed. We speak to ourselves and to the Spirit Man in us. Our spirit man is bigger than we are. The Angels hear us when we speak in accord with the Word of God. The Holy Spirit releases creative power when we speak out in faith and by the anointing.

I have learned recently a secret in healing that I never knew.

First, prepare your heart if you want to receive healing. Faith may not heal you although it can, but doubt and unbelief can stop your healing. Sometimes God will override a person's negative words as a sign and a wonder. BUT, when we are a believer, the bar is raised. He expects us to speak faith. It opens the door to healing.

Second, do the scriptural things. Confess your sin. You can confess it to a brother or sister, but for certain confess them to the Father. He knows them anyway. But you need to be clear. Accusation can keep you from receiving.

Third, anointing with oil is a type of the Touch of God. The injunction to do so was not without purpose. Father want us to be connected. It's a point of contact.

Fourth, after those things, make these confessions, I believe you can Heal me Jesus, I want to be healed, I know you can heal me, I thank you for your healing power over my life. Confess those things, not begging, submission to the healing power of God. Don't pray and BEG God to heal you, He has already provided full propitiation for your sin and your healing. You are speaking into the the atmosphere.

Fifth, begin to confess the healing word of God. Find all the verses from the word, Psalm 103, Isaiah 53, etc. Speak them in faith over your own life. When you have spoken many of them, then, THANK GOD FOR THE HEALING YOU ARE RECEIVING. Keep thanking him. In faith. Constantly.

Now, with all that, here is the place where someone in Spiritual Authority speaks healing over your life. This can be a father, a mother, a pastor, really anyone you call on. Someone who can lend his or her faith to yours and speak healing.

For example, if you have a bad heart, they say something like - "Heart, I speak to you in the name of JESUS, be make whole, well, complete. Heart be healed". That kind of confession over you.

With that much word and power spoken, disease must go, sickness must flee.

Authority starts with us. I find myself laying hands on me more than most. And today I had a checkup at the doctor. I had a growth on my Body that has been a concern. She looked for it and said, "It's Gone" Surprised. Then she said, "You believe in the Power of God to heal don't you?" She is a Christian. YES, I said.

I had spoken to that lump many times.

It succumbed to the power of the spoken word of faith.

Don't give up. Speak to those mountains. THEY MUST MOVE!!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you..I need healing myself..